Gelato Latte Hot Chocolate

Gelato Latte Hot Chocolate


Cozy frog slippers? Check.
Comfy blanket? Check.
Cats? Check.
Heater on full force? Check.
Chunky sweater? Check.
Good book? Check.
Cup of the warmest and most delicious hot chocolate? CHECK!

This is my idea of a perfect cold night date with myself.
Gelato Latte Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is a ultimate weakness of mine.  There’s something about it that can cheer someone up right away.  Maybe it’s the warm feeling on your hands.  Maybe it’s the memories of Mom making it for me when I came in after a long day of sledding.  Or maybe it’s just that smell of chocolate.   During the Winter hot chocolate becomes our #1 drink. After we come home from work, usually frozen, we’ll quickly make 2 nice hot cups of hot chocolate and sit in front of the heater.  For dessert, brownies are pushed to the side and hot chocolate is favored on chilly nights.  For a night by myself with a book or watching The Tudors (I’m obsessed) I’m going to choose a big mug of hot chocolate, along with a big handful of marshmallows. 

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