Frozen Vegetable Recipes and Why Frozen Veggies Rule!

Frozen Vegetable Recipes and Why Frozen Veggies Rule!

The coldness suddenly hit last weekend.  One week it was fine with a thin sweater, then suddenly it’s tights, long sweater, winter coat and hat.

One thing that comes with the Winter is lack of fresh fruits and vegetables.  For us, the garden will still be growing a few vegetables under greenhouses, but there will be no peas, no corn and no carrots.    Farmers markets will be closed, or only selling hearty greens.  Grocery stores will have vegetables, but they won’t taste fresh as they’ve been shipped and prices will raise.  You’ll suddenly see raspberries for $7 instead of the $1.50 you were paying in June.  Oh and corn on the cob?  If you’re in a cold location, good luck seeing it until next Summer.

So how do you get your vegetables during the Winter?  Here’s what I suggest, frozen vegetables!

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