Halloween in Disney World!

Halloween in Disney World!

Happy Halloween gorgeous Ghouls!
Grab a bucket of candy, some apple cider and a black cat and let me take you on a journey to Disney World for Halloween!

A week ago, it was my birthday.  I’ve always wanted to go to Disney World for my birthday and Halloween so a couple weeks ago we booked the trip!  To say I was excited would be a understatement.  On my first trip to Disney a few years ago I stayed up late every night reading Disney forums and books, preparing myself.  For this one, I had the basics set but there would be a new celebration: Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party!

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is a Halloween Party that takes place in the Magic Kingdom on special nights in September and October.  It’s a separate park ticket (Disney is great at making money!) so they close the park down for only the Halloween party guests! They also keep the park open late on these nights.  We were there until 12AM dancing and collecting candy.

Collecting candy? YES! During the Halloween Party there are specific dedicated spots (usually next to rides) that you can line up and trick or treat.   Noone is too old for this! Me, Matthew and 2 friends – all over the age of 30 – had a blast going from stop to stop.  When you get into the park they even give you own trick or treat bag.  If you fill it up, you can get a new one and keep on going!  I haven’t been trick or treating in many years so it was lots of fun to get my sweet loot!

Did I mention costumes?  You have to wear a costume!  Disney has some of the best dressed characters, so you need to go big! Although I felt like the majority of visitors don’t go all out (the majority don’t wear a costume! *GASP*) we had to!  My costume changed about a hour before we left for the airport, but thankfully I have a few clown costumes laying around.  Everyone has clown costumes ready to grab for special occasions, right?

So here we are, Mr & Mrs Clown.  
Disney World Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party


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