Come Grocery Shopping With Me!

Come Grocery Shopping With Me!

Do you like grocery shopping?  How often do you do it?  I’ve written before about how I do a fair amount of my shopping online so I wanted to introduce you guys to a new service called Farmigo which is a online farmers market that empowers families to eat better, bypassing the supermarket. 


We had a explosion of vegetables during the Summer months to the point that we don’t usually buy any produce for a few solid months.  I know not everyone has their own garden though so Farmigo is great for those that still fresh vegetables while supporting local farmers.     You’ll see below that I did use Farmigo to order meats, cheeses, breads and a couple vegetables we don’t grow.   Their selection is wide and varied on the season.  I think Farmigo is great because unlike a CSA where you get a box of surprises, here you get to pick what you want.  If you are meal planning for the week then you know you’ll need tomatoes, basil, corn, hot dogs and hot dog buns.   This won’t result in you getting a box full of 4 heads of lettuce and figuring out what the heck you’re going to do do with them.  

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