Wednesday Chit Chat & Some Favorite Things

Wednesday Chit Chat & Some Favorite Things

Hi Friends,

It’s another Wednesday.  How are you doing?

Are you ready for Fall? Do you have your pumpkins already?  Are you all decorated for Halloween? Even though it’s my favorite holiday, I’m slacking a bit.  I’ve brought out a few of the Halloween ghosts and pumpkins, but there’s multiple boxes I need to get out from the loft to really get our place in Halloween shape.  Let the Halloween decorating begin!

Speaking of Halloween, are you dressing up this year? There is only one answer for this.  Yes!  I think I’m recycling a costume this year, but updating some of it, so I hope that counts as acceptable! My birthday is a few days before Halloween so we’re going on a birthday/Halloween vacation to Disney World. If you know me then you know my love for Disney is extremely strong… so to be celebrating happy day and trick or treating at Disney makes me so excited I will probably cry while doing it!
Speaking of, our Disney Magic Bands came in the mail…guess who is totally decorating hers with pumpkins? Yup!

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