Scrambled Eggs With Bacon

Scrambled Eggs With Bacon

Easy scrambled eggs with bacon recipe!  This is a quick, comforting breakfast meal!

This is not scramble eggs with bacon on the side.

Oh no.

This is scramble eggs with bacon.  Together.

I hope I just scrambled your idea of breakfast.   So now let’s enjoy these together.

Scrambled Eggs With Bacon_6

Breakfast is one of my favorite meals of the day.  On fast days I grab a bowl of cereal. In the Winter time it’s usually toast, figs and tea.  But on extra special days and weekends, it’s a full on breakfast.  Sometimes it’s pancakes.  Sometimes it’s waffles.  Sometimes it’s a egg burrito.  But my favorite breakfast? Scrambled eggs.  As a kid my Mother would make me scrambled eggs while she enjoyed hers “dippy” style.  I would usually lather my scrambled eggs in ketchup.  Ok I’m lying, I still do this.

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