Aloe Vera Mint and Lime Juice

Aloe Vera Mint and Lime Juice

When you think Aloe Vera what do you think of?  Probably sunburn.   As a kid my parents would slather Aloe Vera on me after every day at the beach on family vacation.  As a adult Matthew slathers Aloe Vera on me after every long garden day.  What can I say? I’m pale and burn.

(This is aloe vera!)

I’m here to change your ideas of Aloe Vera though (but I’m not here to change your ideas of always covering up in the Sun!).  Do you know you can drink Aloe Vera? Oh you bet you can and it’s totally delicious.   I’ve recently come to love ALO drink juice that has the natural benefits of real aloe vera and is handpicked from their organic aloe vera farm.   All of this goodness comes straight from the leaf leaving it very natural.  Aloe Vera is crisp and refreshing in flavor, perfect for a Summer afternoon.   Using the ALO Comfort variety which combines Aloe Vera with Watermelon and Peaches, I wanted to keep it simple by making it my own. I love the taste of lime and mint is a crazy producing plant right now so I knew they’d be be the perfect addition in the blender.  With a handful of ice I had a cold and healthy drink to enjoy!   

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