A Beautiful Farm Wedding in Seattle

A Beautiful Farm Wedding in Seattle

Two weeks ago we flew across the country to attend two of our best friends wedding.   These two friends names are William and Lia and they are some of the most lovely people you could know.    A year ago they made the move from Brooklyn to Seattle and this was the first time we saw them since then.    It’s a understatement to say they have been missed here in Brooklyn by us and others.      

The wedding was at beautiful Chaser Farms which is located on Vashon Island.  To get to the Farm you need to take a ferry which is a pretty ride by itself.    Once you get to the Farm you basically want to move in.   It’s pretty much my dream house, one large open modern home with two giant kitchens, a big yard that stares into trees and a farm full of sheep and goats for me to befriend.  And when you look up at the sky, you see stars.   I’m moving in Chaser Farms.  You will be expecting me tomorrow.

Here is a photo journey to Seattle.

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