Tea Swap is Back! Want to join?

Tea Swap is Back! Want to join?

Tea Swap is back!  I’m so excited.  I hope you are too!

Brooklyn Farm Girl has hosted a few tea swaps in the past, from tea + chocolate, to tea + Halloween, to tea + snowmen to lots of other fun themes.   The last swap was in December and I totally apologize for not setting up a new one since then.   The swaps are something I have lots of fun with and I believe you guys do too so I’m going to really try hard to get these back on a monthly schedule.  

Nothing can keep me away from a hot cup of tea, not even the middle of Summer.  Sure, it’s 90 degrees out but I’m still going to start and end my day with a cup of tea!  There’s something calming about a cup of tea.  Maybe it’s the process of making it and waiting for the leaves to steep, maybe it’s that it is always part of get togethers with friends, maybe it’s just the comfort of a favorite flavor.  I’m not sure what it is but tea is something special to me.   

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