Spicy Cherry Tomato Sauce

Spicy Cherry Tomato Sauce

Spicy Cherry Tomato Sauce Recipe

Did you see yesterday’s tomato harvest post?  If you did then it’s no surprise to see a tomato sauce recipe today!  Let’s add another one to the cherry tomato recipe list!

When you think cherry tomatoes you probably imagine them as bite size snacks, or tomatoes that can be thrown in a salad.   What I see them as (besides throwing in the air and catching them in my mouth and by catching them I mean not catching them and then running after them as they roll on the roof) is a delicious creamy tomato sauce.  

My Oven Roasted Cherry Tomato Sauce is one of my favorite tomato sauce recipes ever.  I love that cherry tomatoes can turn that creamy with some oven heat.  So with a bunch of cherry tomatoes and jalapenos being picked in the garden I decided to mix them together and make some tomato sauce with a kick!

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