Jalapeno Peppered Chicken Marsala With Brown Rice

Jalapeno Peppered Chicken Marsala With Brown Rice

This Jalapeno Peppered Chicken Marsala makes me dream of Fall weather.  Big chunky sweaters, slippers on my feet, the smell of arriving cool air.  Unfortunately I’m wearing as little as possible, nothing on my feet and the smell is of humidity.  Summer is here in full force, but let’s turn on the air conditioner and pretend it’s Fall.  Let’s dream…

We had this Jalapeno Peppered Chicken Marsala for dinner and it was a big hit.  The Chicken is slathered in a savory gravy and then diced jalapeno peppers and onions are spread on top.  This gives it a nice crunch and a very nice taste of freshness.    It’s the perfect match to a Summer meets Fall meal. 

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