Iced Teagarita, your new Summertime drink!

Iced Teagarita, your new Summertime drink!

Summer Summer Summertime… 

Don’t you love that song? It will be stuck in your head the rest of the day I’m sure.

What’s your Summer look like? Do you go on vacation?  Do you work all Summer? Do you swim in a pool? Do you do special family activities?  Do you eat more popsicles?  Do you barbecue more?  Sorry for all the questions!  My Summer pretty much looks like any other season, except that I complain about the heat more.  We continue to work our usual hours and do the same job.   Next week we’re headed to Seattle for a good friend’s wedding so that will be the closest thing to a vacation.  

Are you a Summer loving person, or do you prefer Winter?  In the Winter I always state I wish it was Summer and then when it’s Summer I cry about it.  I think I can firmly say that I’m not a Summertime girl.  Besides the lush garden, I think I would be ok with removing the Summer season.  But then I do like popsicles and ice cream cones.. so it gets complicated. 😉 

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