Broccoli Harvest Time!

Broccoli Harvest Time!

Oh guys.  It seems like just yesterday the broccoli were itty bitty babies, small enough to fit into my hands.   They weren’t bushy.  Their leaves weren’t over a foot long.  They didn’t have a head on them over a pound in weight.  They were just little small broccoli babies, hanging out.  But as life happens, broccoli grows up.  It gets big.  It needs more water.  It needs less support because wind isn’t any match for a adult broccoli plant.   One thing stays the same though, it always lets me hug it. Hugs make plants grow strong.  Always remember that! 😉


The first half of broccoli season is over or us.  In a few days we’ll plant broccoli seeds for the Fall batch, but for now this post is dedicated to the Spring 2014 broccoli group.  Broccoli is one of our favorite plants to grow so it’s always exciting to watch these small seedlings grow into massive sized plants.

Broccoli Harvest 2014

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