Garden Update: What’s growing on our rooftop?

Garden Update: What’s growing on our rooftop?

Hi Friends! Happy Thursday! 

This week has been hot here in NYC.  It has me muttering “Have mercy!” just like Uncle Jesse whenever I’m outside.  Since our rooftop is silver and reflective, it makes things a little uncomfortable up there on the roof.  That’s why we have to take extra precaution with the plants in making sure their leaves don’t get burned.  We also have to make sure the plants stay watered as being so hot up there they can dry out rather quickly.   Sub irrigated planters really help that situation and since we always put plastic on top of the containers it locks in the moisture.   That’s just one of the many reasons why container gardening rules.    This post is going to be all about a garden update, but first a few other notes.

Brooklyn Farm Girl got a redesign over the weekend!  Do you see it? I hope so!  There was lots of things that my last layout just couldn’t provide me and after many months of being fed up I finally switched to a new design.  There are still some bugs that are being taken care of but for the most part they are just bugs that super picky me can notice.  If something breaks on the site or you see something weird, just let me know.  I’m already noticing the speed time has greatly improved and traffic has picked up so I’m hoping that’s a sign of good things to come!  You can read more about my blogging theme and other helpful tips here.

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