The Pepper Plant Seedling That Just Won’t Die

The Pepper Plant Seedling That Just Won’t Die

In March we planted bell pepper seeds.  Every single seed came up.
Pepper Plant That Wont Die_3

Because every single seed came up, we had to thin out the double seedlings.  So we pinched them off and pushed them off to the side (and cried because I always do).  Then a few days later we saw that the pepper seedling was not dead, it returned.
Pepper Plant That Wont Die

Not just 1, but 2.  These are zombie pepper plants that returned to life.
Pepper Plant That Wont Die_1

We really don’t need this many pepper plants, but what can you do when a pepper plant tries this hard?  We can’t resist.  Ok pepper plant, you win, let’s get you planted.
Pepper Plant That Wont Die_2

And then a few days later, it was transplanted into it’s summer home.  Now it’s living the life it always wanted as a pepper plant.
Garden May 11 2014_4

When you love your plants so much, it’s hard enough to thin off baby seedlings, but when they try this hard, you just have to let them grow.
Welcome to the family peppers!  Enjoy your Summer!


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