How to Survive Garden Allergies!

How to Survive Garden Allergies!


I never suffered from allergies until 2 years ago.  Then suddenly they hit.  There are days when I go up to the garden and that same night I’m sniffly and super clogged up.  Because I can’t stay away from my baby, the garden, I needed to find some tips to keep the allergy symptoms away.

My products of choice to always have nearby are a box of tissues (preferably really soft ones with aloe!), some cough drops for sore and dry throats and Nasacort which is a allergy spray that I feel works better and quicker instead of pills.  But my biggest allergy solution is tea!  Did you know that tea is great for allergies? It’s true.  Tea, it just keeps on giving, doesn’t it?    Certain herbs provide natural antihistamaine benefits that can help allergy relief.  The best teas to drink when you have sinus pain and itchy eyes are rooibos, ginger, lemon balm and peppermint.  You totally don’t have to wait for the allergy syptoms to hit either. If you start to drink this tea daily it will help prevent allergy pain.

I’m also obsessed with my new best friend, Poncho.  Poncho is a app that sends you daily text or emails (you choose!) about the daily pollen forecast.  It also tells you the temperature and daily forecast.  What I especially love about this service is that it’s customized to your schedule.   Because I don’t want it to send me texts while I’m sleeping or too early, it informs me almost right on the dot of the time I told it to which is when I leave the house.  This tells me if I need to pack a umbrella or not! You also tell it when you leave for work, so if a upcoming storm is going to hit, it’s going to alert you so you don’t get 2 blocks from work and it starts pouring!  It’s like the best friend a girl can have to keep her hair dry from rain!  Poncho has been getting some great press so check out the Forbes and Tech Crunch articles. 

Also because I love great UI design, I have to say how beautiful their website is.  Here’s one of the pages when setting up my customized options.  Isn’t it pretty?

Everyday it sends me a text that gives a visual link as well.  Here you can see what the temperature will be and the pollen count. It’s pretty high right now so better get my tissues ready!

Here’s the actual text I get.  Some days when pollen is high it even sends me a coupon.  Also I want to give a shout out to this because Nasacort was 23.99.  With my Duane Reade rewards card it was on sale for 17.99.  Then with this coupon it was 14.99.  What a deal, right?  Even the checkout cashier was like “You go girl!”.

So stop by your local Duane Reade and stock up all your allergy tools!  

Happy garden season!
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