NYC Garden Party Pictures and Fun!

This weekend was Home Depot’s NYC Garden party and I was there to assist in helping all things garden related!
So grab a pot, a herb and let’s get our nails dirty… it’s time to plant!
nyc garden party_7

The event was hosted by Monica Mangin and the chef for the afternoon was Jason Roberts.  And your garden helper was me!
nyc garden party_19

First step when you walked in.. grab a pot and decorate it with a bunch of markers! It was neat to see how some people really got colorful with their pots!
nyc garden party_4

Then with your empty pot you came and met me at the herb planting station.  There you got the option of planting cilantro, basil or parsley.   Here’s a picture before the event began with all the herbs lined up..
nyc garden party_1

But that’s not it… we had all these herbs to plant too! 
nyc garden party_11

I should have taken some pictures “after” because this area really got the getting your hands dirty treatment!  Every single herb was planted.. I never planted so many at one time in my life! I was pretty exhausted when it was over!
nyc garden party_3

I really loved talking with kids about gardening and helping them get their plants in their pots. Some were shy but once I told them they could get their hands dirty they dug right in.
nyc garden party_15

There were lots of questions about water, sunlight and overall care.  I really wanted to stress that anyone can grow and don’t give up even if it fails the first time. Trust me, we’ve all had plants that have died. Just keep trying!
nyc garden party_17

Oh and this boy named Matthew showed up.  He made a pot that has our cats names on them! Meow.
nyc garden party_18

There was also a salsa garden bed set up that had everything planted from tomatoes, onions, cilantro, peppers and more.  Everything you need to make a big batch of salsa (once it’s fully grown!)
nyc garden party_2

There was also a gnome and a owl there.  Hey guys.
nyc garden party_6nyc garden party_5

Christy was my partner in crime and helped me all day, including brushing our bags off 20x because we kept covering them with dirt.  The planting station gets crazy!
nyc garden party_8

There was also fresh lemonade…
nyc garden party_13

And beautiful grilled carrots were eaten! I was a bit bummed I didn’t get to try any.. but I’m going to cook some up with our garden carrots!
nyc garden party_14

nyc garden party_10
So that was the event! I have to say it was lots of fun just to get to meet so many people and hear their enthusiasm for urban city growing.  I always say this but you can really grow no matter where you live.. there’s window boxes, fire escapes, roofs, yards and even hydroponic systems with artificial light.  You just have to give it a shot!  

Now get growing!

If you live in Chicago or Seattle, please check out the garden party. I promise that you’ll have a blast!


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