How’s Baby Bofinkles Doing? She’s living the Goodlife!


I have a shocker for you.  Are you ready?  I’m a cat lady! I know, you’re surprised and totally weren’t expecting it! I mean the cat nails, the cat clothing, the cat section on BFG, the cats in my banner up top, how my Instagram is full of our furry babies, how I really don’t want to talk politics at a dinner party but instead tell you the cutest thing that Brother Bear did last week , and how I’d love to talk brownies and cat food at the same time weren’t a giveaway to you, right?

I want to thank everyone for their well wishes on Baby Bofinkles a few weeks ago when she was feeling under the weather.   After a few days, she still wasn’t feeling that great, but then the Vet gave us a appetite stimulant and another G/I pill and she was back to being her fine bodacious bikini wearing self again.   Want to know a quick story? Ok, you do.  When Bofinkles was sick and wasn’t eating, I was pretty distraught.  She just would not eat anything and I started getting nervous.  After a rough phone call with her vet, I sat on the floor and cried pretty hard because I was frustrated and beyond worried as it was 3 whole days with no food.  As soon as I started crying, Bofinkles hopped down, rushed over to me, put her head on my shoulder and gave me the sweetest head butts.  Then she pushed my arm over and layed down in the nook where we stayed for a while after.  It was pretty heart warming as I think she understood how worried I was and she was saying “I’m Ok Mom”.  She was also probably saying “Get this lady to stop crying, I’m trying to sleep”.

This is a great place to talk about pilling your cats, have you ever tried?  Well you’re reading this so you’ve lived through it, but what a struggle right?  Xanadu is easy to do anything to, but Bofinkles and Brother… they are another story.  After many failed attempts, me crying on the floor begging for Bofinkles to take her pill, her running away from me every single time, we finally worked out a technique.  They sell pill poppers for pets, which is just a little pill gun, where you open their mouth and it shoots into the back the of their mouth.  After you shoot it in, then close their mouth, gently blow on their nose and gently rub their throat.  The air from the blowing and the soft caress from your throat rubs will cause them to swallow the pill.  Then tell them you love them, you’ll never pill them again, and then prepare yourself to do it again 12 or 24 hours later.  Bofinkles is a real Mama’s girl and is keen on biting Matthew so I actually pilled Bofinkles myself which I was pretty impressed by because the little lady from the South sure has got some spice in that attitude.  

I told FiFi Bofinkles how many people were sending her good wishes and asking about her.  I asked her if she could thank you guys and show you that she’s better.  This is how the conversation went.

Baby Bofinkles Update
Hey Bofinkles, you should tell everyone how you’re feeling and thank your new friends.

Baby Bofinkles Update_1
“What? Is it time for kiss?”

Baby Bofinkles Update_2
No Bofinkles, I want you to type something up.

Baby Bofinkles Update_3
Bofinkles, that’s not how you type.

Baby Bofinkles Update_4
Ok, Bofinkles that is not how you type either.

Baby Bofinkles Update_5
Ok, Bofinkles I’ll type it up. No Bofinkles, my hand is there to type, not support your head for the next 45 minutes.

Baby Bofinkles Update_6
Ok Bofinkles, one quick belly rub and then you have to type something up.

Baby Bofinkles Update_7
Oh Bofinkles.. you’re being silly and trying to get out of doing work aren’t you?

Baby Bofinkles Update_9
No Bofinkles, it’s not time for a treat, sit back down.  

Baby Bofinkles Update_8
No, not lay down and go to sleep.  Bofinkles, we really have to write something up.

Baby Bofinkles Update_11
Good girl, thank you! Now let me take a look at what you wrote.

Baby Bofinkles Update_12
Bofinkles! That is not what I was thinking…

Baby Bofinkles Update_10
“Just write it mom.  I’m tired!”.

Baby Bofinkles Update_13
And when you’re done writing, let me taste that pretzel you have in your hand.  Bring it a little closer.

Bofinks Mama Girl
What a girl Bofinkles.. What a girl.

Anyways, Bofinkles wanted me to tell you THANK YOU! She’s feeling much much better! 

One that that is really important to me is keeping our cats healthy.   This year has been pretty rough with losing Essy, and then multiple trips to the Vet for sicknesses, but it’s all worth it knowing your cat is going to be ok.   If you ever fear your cat is sick, take it to the vet and double check.   You’re the best person who knows when your cat is acting different and I’m sure your kitty means the world to you, so always be safe!  Another thing is important (almost the most!)  is keeping the cats on a good diet,  including a food that is good for them.  That’s why I want to introduce GOODLIFE™ cat food to you guys (and your cats!).

Take a look at this chart comparing GOODLIFE™ food to the other top brands.  Their #1 ingredient is chicken or salmon (strong muscles!) and includes a no corn, no soy, no wheat recipe.  

Oh and the taste… it’s delicious.  Don’t trust me on this, just shake a bag and watch the kitties run over! Thanks to #goodlifepet and #CollectiveBias for the introduction to this!


You can find GOODLIFE™ cat food at Walmart and make sure to print out the $1 coupon!  Mine was on the top shelf so make sure you look for it there if you can’t find it.  Then get your muscles ready to lift a bag down! 


Tell me..
Does your cat ever sleep on your keyboard and you just give in, do no work, eat a brownie and just watch them sleep? 


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    • Hahaha… I have a monitor on the wall too… but I didn’t show it because it’s kinda gross with Bofinkles slobber. Girl is wild, I can’t help it!

  • Glad to hear (read?) your baby is doing well! I thought I’d finally settled on a food that my cats would 1. Eat 2. not throw up 3. not, erm, throw down, but Chester decided he doesn’t like the taste anymore. I’ll have to try this out! I like the look of it and kind of feel like Chester just doesn’t like his lack of variety (because he’ll eat it if it gets covered in the gravy from wet food!), so this might do the trick. Do you know what sort of price bracket it’s in? We’re paying like $30/10 pounds of Natural Balance right meow.

    • It ranges at around $30 for a 16 pound bag so it’s definitely a better deal. When Essy was here she was just the pickiest cat in the world when it came to food. She only ate soft food (her entire life!) and every time I thought I had the right soft food flavor, I would buy a entire case and then she would just stop eating it. Then this would repeat every few months. I think she just liked variety… or making me work for it. 🙂 A food covered in gravy always wins hearts. Good luck with Chester!

  • So cute! Glad she is feeling better. My kitty Jitterbug thinks she is a blogger and tries to sit all over when I’m trying to type. You know, I just now noticed the kitties in your banner move around?! Pretty cool.

  • Oh I’m so glad that she’s doing much better! Emma got sick once when she was little and refused to take her pills – it was terrifying, lots of crying on my end.

    And I love the pictures of her on your computer. Emma lays on my arm while I’m trying to work on my laptop – makes it hard to type!!

  • Glad Bofinkles in feeling better! We’re nuts about Kitty Riffs — a/k/a the cat that can do no wrong. We’ve haven’t had to give her pills, but she’s incredibly easy to wrangle — she had a slightly inflamed eye once that required drops, and she it was no problem giving them to her. Other cats we’ve had? We’d have been shredded! Fun post, wonderful pictures. Thanks.

  • We had to give pills to Tonks and Harry a while back.. and it did not go well. We finally got Harry to take his but it was an all out event with both the hubby and I being involved. Tonks was not budging. I wish I had know about the pill popper before. Im glad that Bofinkles is feeling better.

  • Oh, I love Bofinkles; she’s so beautiful! I’m so glad she’s feeling better. That’s no fun when they’re under the weather; you just feel so helpless! I may have to check in to one of those pill poppers; that would be quite handy. Harold does not like anything foreign going into his mouth…. nothing! lol

  • Too cute! Yes, I have a cat in front of the computer at least once a day. My keyboard is battery operated, so I just turn it off as soon as a cat jumps up. No weird searches here. 🙂
    I will have to look into the pill gun! Padre’s latest round of meds was pills…would have been great to have that pill gun! The pill pockets only worked a couple times. :/ Hope Bofinkles feels better soon.

  • Hello lovely Bofinkles and sweet Pam! This is a gorgeous post. Ah, I had to look at every photo more than once. Glad that Bofinkles is feeling better. It’s horrible having a sick pet aka member of the family, particularly after what you and M went through with the gorgeous Essy. If I had a cat, I’d follow every bit of advice in this post! Take care lovely xx

  • YAY!!!! So glad the lovely miss bofinckles is doing so much better. I have 2 pugs as you know but I have a group of kitties that live in a kitty cat condo on my terrace and I feed them every day, Have been feeding one of them I call him Justin for over 3 years now. Someone threw him away and he hangs out here. I can’t bring him in because of the pugs and allergies. If you know someone who wants to give a forever home to a beautiful grey and white kitty Justine needs and totally deserves a good home.He is neutered and up to date on his vaccines and very healthy.

    • You’re so nice Suzanne, what a great thing to do for Justin! I’ll definitely keep an ear out for someone looking for a sweet boy.

  • I’m glad your Bofinkles is feeling better. It’s hard to have them sick. Mine love the GOODLIFE™ cat food too. They think it’s a bowl of treats. heh

  • BoFinkles you keep making everyone smile! Glad you feel better now and can start sporting that bikini this summer. #client

  • Oh I’m so glad to hear Bofinkles is doing much better 🙂 Such a sweet post – she’s absolutely adorable and I loved all the pictures.

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