My Favorite Spring Accessories

My Favorite Spring Accessories

It’s Spring, right? I mean technically it is and we’ve had a few days where it feels like it.  Ok, I mean today is a day where it doesn’t feel like it, but soon it will really be Spring.  You believe me right?  Ignore the snow in your yard if it’s there, let’s not think of that!

To get in the Spring mood, I wanted to share some of my favorite accessories for Spring.  
Here are my 3 favorite accessory categories for the season:
Umbrellas – April showers bring May flowers, so let’s get ready for a rainy month.  
Sunglasses – I’m obsessed with sunnies!
Bookbags- Let’s get out of the house and go on some trips!

First, let’s talk umbrellas!  
You’ll see many umbrellas on the sidewalks when it’s raining but usually it’s a crown of dark colors.  Why not stand out from the crowd and make your day brighter by making your umbrella a pastel color or fun design? I really love transparent ones too, great for not walking into people on the sidewalk! 😉
I found the items on Fab.com which if you don’t know about is awesome for shopping!  I still swoon at the rainbow leather rug I got there last year, but that’s another story!
Spring Umbrellas

I have a cat umbrella that always cheers me up!

Wouldn’t this heart umbrella just steal your heart during a rainstorm?

Next up, sunglasses! I’m obsessed with them! I like them colorful, I like them big, I like them with designs, I love them all!
Want to know a quick story? I went to Disney World a few years ago (best place on Earth) and fell in love with sunglasses I bought there.  They were cheap plastic but there was just something about them that sung to my heart.  Imagine the tears when my sunglasses broke one day!  So I set off on trying to find them online but came up empty! Then my friend Erin told me she was headed to Disney World and would find them for me again, and she did! I was one happy girl when I was able to wear my Mickey glasses again!

Spring Sunglasses
The little girl has Karen Walker sunglasses on which I love!  Every season I just want to buy the entire line.

Aren’t the flowers on this pair beautiful?  Pastel floral sunglasses?  Yes, please!

And last but not least, the item I love most of all, a bookbag!  I don’t use purses often, I’m more of a bookbag kind of girl.  It has lots of benefits including more storage (I always carry my laptop and more in this), I can lug groceries inside of it on my back and I’m less likely to leave it places.  It has become a permanent fixture with me when I leave the house.   I use a soft white Baggu bag which has held up over the years, and I made minor adjustments by adding some neon to the string and adding my pom pom balls which people just love to talk about!

Here’s some bags for Spring, ranging from luxurious to something you’d take on a picnic hike.   I really love the floral print one too, I think I need to add it my Spring wardrobe! Spring Backpacks
The red bag in the bottom left is from Baggu.  I have a bunch of Baggu grocery bags that I use every single day as well, they hold up great!

 Tell me, what’s your must have Spring accessory item?
Do you love pastels and colors or prefer classic black and white?

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