Dried Edamame Recipe

Dried Edamame Recipe

EASY to make dried edamame recipe using soybeans!  This healthy edamame is slow roasted and salted!  If you’re growing soybeans this year you need to make this snack!

I love soybeans so I love dried edamame!

I think I start every post with “I love (insert something”). 

I love cheese.  I love cats.  I love donuts.  I love snowmen.  I love pumpkins. I love you. 

But soybeans, yeah, I love them guys.    We had a great soybean year and it’s still going on with more plants to pick.  The last few days have been chilly and windy but the garden calls, so I throw on a hat and a dramatic attitude (“I’m so cold! I’m not going to survive!”) and get picking soybeans.

Look at this beautiful soybean plant!

So with so many soybeans – what’s a girl  to do? Snack on them of course!   I know, dried snacks aren’t usually the first thing you think of when you think soybeans.  You might think of fresh edamame which is  absolutely delicious, but I wanted  something to crunch, something with a little salt on it.   So say hello to my dried edamame recipe!

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