Strawberry Bunny Milk

Strawberry Bunny Milk

100% natural homemade recipe for Nesquik Strawberry Milk using fresh strawberries. You’ll love how easy and healthy this drink tastes!  It tastes just like you remember as a kid!  

Many years ago Matthew and I were completely obsessed with NESQUIK strawberry milk.  You know, the yellow containers of strawberry powder that you add to milk which transforms into sugary delicious milk?  The containers feature the Nesquik Bunny who I found out is named Quiky.   Being a person who buys food items based on how cute their characters are, I fell in love with Quiky.

 For some time they made plastic sugary milk syrup bottles in the shape of a bunny, ears and all.  Being a person who is obsessed with anything cute I would not throw these bottles away.  I would store them under my sink after rinsing them out thinking one day I could come up with a craft idea using them.   Then the day came where we moved from Pittsburgh to NYC and I had to part with my collection of plastic bunny bottles.  Somewhere in our photo archive there’s a photo of us, looking sad, hugging the bottles, right before we had to throw them out.    If the plastic bottles are reading this post, I miss you guys.  

Because the containers featured a bunny, strawberry milk was known as bunny milk right from the beginning.  I looked up online to see if anyone else called it bunny milk but I mostly got results of photos that featured people feeding their bunnies milk.  Still cute, but not what I was looking for.

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