Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

Hi Friends,
Happy Thursday!
Here’s a Thursday thoughts post full of pictures and random thoughts.  Follow me on Twitter or Instagram where I’m posting pictures all the time!

Cats love boxes.  Get them a toy? Sometimes they play with it.  Get them a bed? Sometimes they might sleep in it? Give them a cardboard box that wasn’t even meant for them?  They fight over it.  Cat wars.  First one in the box owns it.  Until one leaves, then another jumps in.  Then the cycle continues.  Then you have to throw away the boxes because your living area looks like you are moving but you aren’t.  Cats, they really love boxes.  

Has anyone ever looked at Oreo Cookies or Ritz cracker serving sizes? 2 Oreo Cookies? 6 Ritz crackers? Are they serious?

Speaking of Oreo Cookies, this is how they are made. (Thanks Avery!)

The back of my conditioner bottle always says to leave in for 2 minutes.  Does anyone actually do this? If so, what do you do during those 2 minutes? I can’t keep it on for more than 30 seconds because I become very bored quickly.  

We picked carrots.  Victory!
Carrot harvest.  #garden #harvest #boss

We keep picking Spinach. I’m going to send Matthew out on the streets to sell it.

This is a Zucchini plant growing on a tree on a sidewalk in Brooklyn! (Note: Zucchini Cookies coming soon!)A zucchini plant that took over a tree on a Brooklyn sidewalk!

When AT&T has an outage and you spend 2 hours on the phone with them .  They tell you there is no outage and then make you do all these shut downs to your phone for them to tell you at the end of the call there is a outage in your area.

When AT&T has an outage and you spend 2 hours on the phone with them .  They tell you there is no outage and then make you do all these shut downs to your phone for them to tell you at the end of the call there is a outage in your area.  During this time you feel bad because everyone is hungry so you multitask and decide to make dinner while on the phone which results in your spices falling out of the cabinet and your Rosemary you grew and dried is now laying in broken glass on the floor.  No Mr AT&T customer service agent I am not ok, and I will not stop crying.  You just ruined my Rosemary!

I got a new spice rack so I won’t break my glass bottles of Rosemary ever again.  Let me show you, isn’t it just amazing? They come in different sizes, but this is the 3 tier version which holds 30 bottles.  And each rack just slides out and down.  Then when you’re done you just push it back in.  It really is a magical spice rack.  I even got it shipped Overnight because I’m a crazy person and could not wait to get it!  It comes with nametags too but I have to figure out if i’m going to alphabetize them or not (I think so).  Exciting! I am totally ok with saying this spice rack changed my life. 

Even when it’s 100 degrees out, I have to dry my bangs.  I don’t usually dry the rest of my hair, just my bangs.  If I don’t, they’re a disaster.

It’s in the 40’s in the mornings now. It feels amazing. I can wear my fluffy robe.  We refer to my robe as my bear suit.

I am trying to only drink Herbal tea to combat my headaches.  I get horrible headaches and after multiple Neurologist visits, tests, MRI scans we’ve come to the conclusion that it might be my tea intake.  So I have been drinking decaffeinated tea, but decaffeinated tea still has *some* caffeine in it, so I’m trying all herbal.  We’ll see how it goes.   I don’t know if I can totally cut out my Earl Gray or Green Jasmine.  This hurts me so much, but so do the headaches.  Choices!

If you love Lisa Frank as much as me you will love this video.  I’m officially obsessed with these Lisa Frank inspired nails now too.

My health insurance costs so much I cry everytime I think about this.  I’m scared to see how it will increase next year. How much does it cost? Well I could go to Disney World 6 times a year – this includes 2 people with flights, Disney hotel and tickets.  Oh gosh, I’m going to cry again.

I want to go to Disney World right now.  

I work best at night.   I feel in the zone, my mind is racing, it’s the perfect time to do blog posts.

I should get to sleep early, it’s my current at the moment goal but see the above comment and you can see the problem here.  I am trying to be in bed every single night by midnight.  You would think might be easy, but it’s not.   I am trying really hard on this!  Do you have tips on how to get to bed early?

Do you have tips on how to do nothing? How to relax and just zone out?  I get incredibly anxious doing nothing.  I used to be able to just lay on the floor and read but now I have so many self caused distractions that I forgot how to just relax.  I’ve been telling Matthew that we should have a day of just doing nothing but we both worry about how scary that might be.

We pressure cooked for the first time.  I lived! But I told Matthew I was scared 84 times.
Pressure canning peppers for first time, terrified.  Think I need a Xanax.

So it’s basically Halloween.  Ok it’s not Halloween, but it basically is.  I have my nails painted black and orange, I already started to decorate, pumpkins are out, decorations are slowly arriving in the stores, Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins are dangerously nearby for the next 50 days.  I love this time of the year.   It’s the best.  It makes me so happy. Here’s me and a pumpkin, don’t we look alike?

 This is how you should decorate your tomato cages for Halloween.  Actually all year.

Have your bananas ever turned to complete liquid?  One night they are fine, the next morning they are just sitting in a giant puddle of banana liquid? It was gross.

I am totally not spamming you but I recently discovered the Discover It Card and it’s changing my life.  We were in the process of trying to find a Rewards Credit Card where we could purchase everything on it to keep receipts together and then just pay it off every month.  This makes keeping track of my bank account such a breeze now! But the Rewards Card is amazing because you get  1% back on every purchase and during Oct-Dec it’s 5% back on online purchases (hello Holiday season!).  Right now it’s 5% back off gas stations.  And to make it even better I called them one day and it rang once and someone picked up.  No entering numbers or speaking to a robot and waiting on hold while they play horrible alternative rock, they just answered!  Plus they match any price on a item you bought and then find for cheaper.  Sorry, I am really excited about this.   Again, not spamming but if you sign up now you get $50 bonus.  Again, not spamming but if you want a Credit Card to earn you some money, this is a really great card.  I earned $30 back this month.   $30 x 12 months = $360.  Hello pretty new shoes! Or savings.  Or pretty new shoes.

9 Questions About Syria You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask.

I love raspberries, it’s on my list of things we must grow next year. I have this bodega that is around 15 blocks away and they have amazing sales on fruits and vegetables.  Lately they’ve had raspberries for  $1.49 a package, blueberries for .99.  I’ve been stocking up.  And by stocking up I mean buying containers and just eating them on the walk home.  Note to self: Buy more raspberries.

We found a turtle in our garden one night.  We didn’t know what to do, or how the turtle got there, but it really enjoyed it’s time laying in our cucumbers.  We eventually found out it was a neighbor’s turtle and the turtle’s name is Axl Rose and they let this turtle roam on the roof. I’m in love with this guy, I wish he was always there.  I want to build him a little home in the garden. 

Hug and kiss your kids before they go to sleep.  Tuck them in.  Read them  a book.  Grab their favorite stuffed animal.  4 years old or 17 years old.  They will remember it forever and the cycle will continue.  

My Gardeniere video shoots went great over the weekend.  We did some shooting outside in the garden and some shooting inside in the kitchen.  
Day 2 of shooting:  cooking mama time.6tag_140913-135546.jpg

While filming in the kitchen Matthew recorded this video that shows FiFi Bofinkles confused why her mama is talking but she’s not looking at her.  Look at how she looks up at me “Mom, I’m down here, What are you talking about, Look down at me”.  Gosh, I love that FiFi Bofinkles so much.

Also while here, the cats helped out the film crew.  Again, cats love boxes.  Real big boxes.

My favorite snack right now are Blue Diamond Coconut Roasted Almonds.  I found these Almonds last year and I never looked for another almond again.  I love them dearly.  If you see them (I know Target has them) please try them.  They’re just purr-fect.  
(Totally going to ignore the fact I posed the Almonds with a Astronaut suit).

New garden tip I learned (Thanks Melissa).  Keep  a bucket of sand in your garden, put your tools back in after you are doing using.  The sand acts like a abrasion and cleans your tools, and you also will never ask yourself “Where did I put that shovel” and walk around the garden for 12 minutes looking for that shovel while the shovel is in your hand the entire time (hey, it happens).

The Antares rocket blasted off Wednesday and we were anxiously timing the countdown on the roof as Matthew is Mr. Spaceman.  Sadly though we totally couldn’t see it.  It was hazy in the low sky, buildings too tall, we were pretty bummed out.  I did see the sun though.
Tried to see Antares but too many buildings in the way.  Did see the sun though.


There is a new peanut butter out called PB Crave. It offers an unexpected twist to classic peanut butter using ingredients such as white chocolate, raspberries and wild honey. The fun flavors include Cookie Nookie, Razzle Dazzle, Coco Bananas and Choco Choco. Their natural and nutty line is gluten and cholesterol-free, made with fresh-farm peanuts.  I really love the video they made too!  

They sent me a jar of each to review, so one afternoon I grabbed Matthew’s hand, some spoons, a notebook and we tasted everything.  

Here were our notes:
Coco Bananas: If you love Banana flavored food, you’re going to love this.  As soon as you open up the jar the smell of banana hits you.  It definitely tastes like banana too.  Great if you love bananas (like me), not so great if you don’t love bananas (Matthew).  
Cookie Nookie: We were most excited about this one as we were expecting pieces of chocolate chips and cookie dough with the peanut butter but instead it was just smooth.  The peanut butter is good, thick and smells like malty chocolate baked goods.  Still wish it would have had pieces of cookie dough in it as I would then make it my favorite peanut butter ever. 
Razzle Dazzle:  Smells very fruity, you can smell the berries right away.  On the first spoonful, you can immediately taste the sweetness.  This peanut butter is very light and smooth.  
Choco Choco: This was hands down our favorite and winner of the peanut butter taste test afternoon.  It’s light, it’s smooth.  The chocolate is not overwhelming at all.  I would totally pull this jar out for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich any afternoon!

Choco Choco – our favorite.

The great thing is that PB Crave donates 2 percent of the profits of every PB Crave jar to Project Peanut Butter, a non-profit organization that aims to treat 2 million malnourished children by 2015.  

If you’d like to try this peanut butter, you can find a store locator here!


Happy Thursday everyone! Hope it’s a good day wherever you’re at!

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