Easy Kale Pesto

Easy Kale Pesto

Happy Thursday everyone! 
How’s the weather where you are?  Let me tell you yesterday was not pretty! And by not pretty I mean melting hot in the mid to high 90’s!  The good news is that after today there is nothing in the 10 day forecast above 80 degrees!  That means the air conditioning can shut off while we sleep!  I need the hum of something while I sleep so if the air conditioner is not on, the fan is, and last week we had 2 chilly nights where we slept with the fan on and I got some deep sleeps! I hardly woke up, slept in and overall was a great sleep.  Who doesn’t love a deep sleep?  

Also who doesn’t love waking up to a cat under the blanket on your belly, a cat on top of your pillow curled into your head, and a cat sleeping next to the bed so it can be the first one to rub against your ankles?   I love my babies.. but that’s another post!   Note to self: Start making more cat posts.  They are necessary for a healthy life! 

Can I tell you something about this kale pesto below?  It’s delicious.  Can I tell you something else?  I didn’t know what pesto was until I was in my 20’s.  Noone back at home in the hills of the Appalachian Mountains every muttered the word “pesto”.  We  never had it n my house, friends parents never made it when I was over at their house, it was never offered at the deli counter to dip your crackers in.  So you can imagine how amazed I was to find many years later what pesto was and how good it was.  That is my excuse for the amount of pesto I eat, to catch up on all those years lost!  And I can eat pesto! I can eat it all day!

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