Summer Strawberry Season

Summer Strawberry Season

I love the summer because it’s strawberry season.  And I love strawberry season because it means I get to pick the sweetest, most delicious strawberries right off the plant and throw them directly into my mouth.     It’s hard for me to save the strawberries to make it downstairs because I am often found looking through the strawberries, eating them one at a time exclaiming “These are so good! Try one!”.  Matthew doesn’t like strawberries, he’s weird, right?  If you’ve ever grown your own strawberries then you know nothing can beat them – they are hands down the most sweetest, full of flavor strawberries ever.  Every summer I get so excited, I just can’t help it.  Strawberries – yay!


And I have to say it feels a bit wrong for me to do anything with our homegrown strawberries but eat them raw.  I mean they are just so perfect and juicy and sweet, they don’t need anything else.   Isn’t a bowl of strawberries such a delicious snack? Or on top of my cinnamon cereal in the morning?  



I’ve lost track of how many strawberry plants we have.    When the garden first started, we only had a few plants and they grew ok, but they were kinda small (picture above).  I did some investigating and I learned that strawberry plants last multiple years, each year growing larger berries.  So if you have new plants and your berries are on the small side, don’t give up!  Big berries are on it’s way!

Strawberry PickingIMG_2959
Because with some love and care, eventually your plant will start producing bigger, beautiful berries!  That’s alot of B’s.

Strawberry Picking WP_20130516_035
Earlier this season I decided we didn’t have enough strawberries so we bought some more buckets.  I did a Gardenieres video on how to make strawberry buckets so when it goes live I will be sure to post it! 

Strawberry Picking WP_20130611_054
And then we had more strawberry plants!

Strawberry Picking WP_20130527_034
When you start to notice the first flowers on the strawberry plant, you should smile.  This means these flowers will soon turn into strawberries.

Strawberry Picking WP_20130525_008
You’ll look one day and notice the flowers turned into green berries…

Strawberry Picking WP_20130527_036
Then they slowly turn colors..

Strawberry Picking WP_20130529_017
Until they’re strawberry bright red.  That should be a official Crayola name.

Strawberry Picking containers
When our berries are bright red, then I know it’s time to pick.   You’ll want to keep a eye on them because they change colors quick and if you don’t pick them, they will go brown. That would be tragic. 

Strawberry Picking WP_20130619_047
And we can’t let that happen because we need this sweet strawberry in our life. 

I love the adventure of finding the strawberries.  Sometimes they hide out in between buckets, sometimes they hide under leaves.    Strawberries, don’t hide from me.

Strawberry PickingIMG_2953
If  I don’t eat them all on the roof, when I bring them downstairs I pat them a little bit with a paper towel.  This makes sure it gets any water off on them in case it rained, or because I squirted the hose a little too high.   I do not wash them.  

Strawberry PickingIMG_2967
Then I throw them in a mason jar and put them in the refrigerator.

Strawberry PickingIMG_2966
This is hands down the best way I ever found to keep fresh strawberries.. well, fresh.  They can stay in the mason jar for about 10 days until they start to turn mushy.  But they never last that long.

Strawberry PickingIMG_2950
Even after a week, you will open up your mason jar and the strawberries will still be crisp.

Strawberry PickingIMG_2958
When I take them out of the jar to eat, then I wash them…

Strawberry PickingIMG_2955
And then I immediately eat them.  


Do you love strawberries? Are you growing any? 

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