Cleaning Up The Strawberries

A few days ago it was 70 degrees so I made my way up to the roof with my phone full of music, a banana, a water bottle and a goal to clean up the strawberries.  A banana was eaten, water was drank, I danced to music (sorry to all spectators) and the strawberries were cleaned up.  

Strawberries tend to get in the Spring spirit rather quickly.  In the winter time their leaves turn brown and crisp and they stay like this for the first few weeks of Spring.  You start to worry about them.  It happens every year.  Then suddenly you spot a few green leaves.  Thea a few days later, some more.  A week later, each bucket has green shining from it.   A few days more and you let out a sigh of relief, they are ok.  The strawberries are tough guys, they can take care of themselves for the most part.  They just like to arrive to the party fashionably late, all dressed in beautiful red (Game of Thrones fans, I just thought of Melisandre while writing that, I pictured the strawberries in red flowing robes).  

To get a idea of how quickly they change..

This was taken April 8.
And this one April 13.
And this one April  17.

So as you can see there was alot of new green, but there was also old brown leaves.  And green/brown is too camouflage for the strawberries so I needed to give them a makeover.

These were my beauty tools.

You need to be careful when cutting the old brown leaves and stems as sometimes there is a fresh new stem in there sometimes hiding.  If I cut any green, I would have cried. I thought about it about 24 times while I was cutting.

Look at how pretty that first bucket looks!  Looking good strawberries.  Now a bunch more buckets to go..

These buckets here were full of lots of new green growth so I had to be extra careful and not cut as much off. 

A crate became full of winter leaves…

All to make way for spring beauty!

Looking good strawberries!

Finally, after I had to stretch my  back multiple times and thought I might need a back brace, the strawberries were done and all cleaned up.


Now we just wait for the first signs of strawberry flowers… and then the excitement really begins! 



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