What I Love: Dana’s Bakery Macarons + Drake
The Best Cat Bed Ever (Seriously) – ComfyCat Cat Cave
What I Love: Lollipops! (Especially Blueberry Muffin Lollipops!)
What I Love: Dill Pickle Cashews
What I Love: Cookies & Cream Popcorn!
What I LOVE: My Carhartt Full Swing , A Work Jacket Actually Made For Women!
What I LOVE: My Awesome Dad and his Garden Peppers
What I LOVE: Seltzer Water + Drink More Good

What I Love: Dana’s Bakery Macarons + Drake

Birthday Cake, Fruity Cereal, Cookie Dough, Molten Chocolate, S’mores and more – these are my favorite macarons!

Cookie Dough Macarons

When I first tasted Dana’s Bakery Macarons it was love at first… well, taste.  My first one was Fruity Cereal and it tasted and smelled just like Fruity Pebbles, but in tasty macaron form.  Because taste testing is very important I had to try a second, it was Cookie Dough. I remember muttering “Oh My God” a few times afterwards because it was perfect.  From there, I was hooked.

Fruity Cereal Macarons, just like Fruity Pebbles!

Look at how gorgeous the Birthday Cake macaron is with that beautiful dust of glitter. It’s like a Birthday party in space!
Birthday Cake Macarons

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The Best Cat Bed Ever (Seriously) – ComfyCat Cat Cave

Let’s just get to the point.  This is the best cat bed/cat cave ever. Seriously.  I don’t usually proclaim things “the best” but we’ve never had a cat bed that’s performed this well with all of our cats.  Every single one immediately went to sleep in this bed, as well as lounged and wrestled for it.  We only have one bed, and I think I need 3 now because there’s a waiting line outside of it.  I feel like one cat will stay in there for as long as they can until they either have to eat, or another cat tries to be brave and fight them for it.  

Cat Geeks Cat Cave_4

Cat Geeks Cat Cave_3

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What I Love: Lollipops! (Especially Blueberry Muffin Lollipops!)

I love lollipops.  Not just any lollipops though.  I’m talking about the ones that are bursting with flavor and take at least 30 minutes to finish.  Lollipops are one of  my go to snacks during the afternoon to prevent me from snacking away when I’m between lunch and dinner.   The taste makes me happy while keeping me preoccupied so I don’t reach for a brownie instead.  

My favorite brand of lollipops is Linda’s Lollies.  They are the best!  When you compare Linda’s Lollies to another brand you can immediately taste the difference.  These lollipops don’t taste artificial at all.  They come in amazing flavors with each actually tasting like their name.   A lollipop that tastes like a blueberry muffin? It exists.  A lollipop that tastes like maple pancakes? It exists.  A lollipop that tastes like sherbet ice cream? It exists.    Every time I try a new flavor I’m amazed by how they do it.  How do they possibly get a lollipop to taste just like a Cinnamon Bun? I have no idea, but it makes me very happy. I recommend getting the assorted box to try all the flavors.

They have the usual flavors like cherry, strawberry, blueberry, watermelon, but they also have unique (all yummy) flavors like:

Root Beer Float
Mint Chocolate Chip
Cinnamon Bun
Pina Colada
Rainbow Sherbet
Chocolate Marshmallow Sundae
Maple Pancake
Blueberry Muffin
Strawberry Cheesecake
Mocha Cappuccino

Blueberry Muffin is my favorite!  Tastes just like muffins!
Lindas Lollies_3

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What I Love: Dill Pickle Cashews

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Emerald®.  This is my honest opinion that I’m obsessed with their Dill Pickle Cashews!

Based on my multiple pickle recipes (hello, hello again) I guess you can say I love pickles.  We grow cucumbers in the garden specifically for pickles.   I never leave any pickle untouched when they come on the side of a sandwich lunch.  I love peanut butter and pickle sandwiches.    So when I heard that Emerald® came out with Dill Pickle Cashews, I was like YES YES YES YES!
Dill Pickle Cashews

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What I Love: Cookies & Cream Popcorn!

In the What I LOVE series, I’m sharing current things that I love.  Maybe it’s a new restaurant, maybe it’s a new cookie, maybe it’s a new cat toy, maybe it’s… anything!

Remember Savage Garden? Remember their lyrics:

I want to stand with you on a mountain. / I want to bathe with you in the sea. / I want to lay like this forever. / Until the sky falls down on me

Yeah, well that’s how I feel about all the popcorn from Pop Works & Company right now, especially the Cookies & Cream.   It’s really good and I mean reaaaaaaaaaaaalllly good.  It’s so good we’re basically tackling each other to get the few pieces left in the bag.  There’s side eyes being shot at one another when someone says they finished the bag without you knowing it.  This popcorn is popped just right and seasoned with all the sweetness you need.    

Pop Works Popcorn_4

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What I LOVE: My Carhartt Full Swing , A Work Jacket Actually Made For Women!

Can I tell you how annoying it’s been trying to work find clothes for working on the land that actually fits me?  We went to a outfitter store a few weeks ago to buy work clothes and the store should have been called “Made for Men”  Matthew had no problem finding overalls, jacket, boots and everything else. Their women’s section had dresses, scarves, exercise pants and cashmere sweaters.  Ok, that’s real fair. 

They had no women’s overalls.
They had 2 jackets.
They had 3 pairs of women’s boots while Matthew had 2 walls filled.
I had to try on men’s jackets and overalls which weighed 10 pounds.  How was I going to swing my ax with this extra weight?  Ok maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.  Maybe there will be no ax swinging in the near future, but how was I suppose to move with this extra 20 pounds on me?  

So I became frustrated and didn’t buy anything.  

I threw Matthew’s overalls on at home, sauntering around like weighed down zombie, mumbling how nice he had it in life.     

I have no shame in saying this. Not only do I want work clothes that fit me, I want them to be pretty too. Yeah, take that.  Give me purple.  Give me blue. Give me pink.  Let me match my nails to my overalls.   It’s like they’re saying that if you want to work hard then you need to dress like a man.  Whatever.  I have an ax.  

When I was seeing darkness finally there was light! There she was, my Carhartt Full Swing Sandstone Winn Jacket! It was nice looking.  It was light.  It actually fit my body correctly.  It wasn’t going to make me sink to the bottom if I fell into a pond.  I was in love.

carhartt coat review

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What I LOVE: My Awesome Dad and his Garden Peppers

In this new series, I’m sharing current things that I love.  Maybe it’s cats, maybe it’s a new restaurant, maybe it’s a new cookie, maybe it’s… anything!

The title of this should also read: Dad’s Green Peppers, AKA My Dad Is Cool

We grow peppers and they do pretty good.  We grow bell peppers and jalapeno peppers and we pick multiple pounds a week.  But then my dad shows up and shows me how he grows them in Pennsylvania.  Goodness gracious, Pennsylvania grows them good.  

Every year my dad starts a garden in the back yard.  As a kid we had a very small yard but he would still grow tomatoes.  The tomatoes would grow so tall they would block the kitchen window.  It also made it easy because we could use the sink hose to water these tomatoes out the window.   My dad moved into a new house a few years ago and he has a much larger garden area now.  Every Spring he buys his plants from farmers and he always buys alot more than one person usually buys.  And every year halfway during the Summer he tells me he’s never buying them again because he has too many.  And then the next year comes around and he does the same thing.  And this Summer he continued this tradition and bought even more.  My dad has over 20 pepper plants, for one man.  I laugh because it’s funny, cute and amazing all at the same time. 

A few weeks ago when he started planting the peppers he made a joke that he would ship me them as they started to grow. I laughed.

So you can imagine that I burst into laughter when a big box appeared at my door and when opening it up, I saw this:

 Dad Rules Green Peppers_1

 That’s right, my dad shipped me peppers.

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What I LOVE: Seltzer Water + Drink More Good

In this new series, I’m sharing current things that I love.  Maybe it’s cats, maybe it’s a new restaurant, maybe it’s a new cookie, maybe it’s… anything!

What do you call it:
Seltzer Water?
Carbonated Water?
Fizzy Water?
Bubbly Water?
Club Soda?
Sparkling Water?

Ever since we gave up soda almost 5 years ago, we are seltzer water monsters.   We love our SodaStream maker.  We love it so much we have 2 machines – for home and for work.  We also have always 2 carbon dioxide cylinders on hand, so we never run out. When the rare occasion happens that we do run out and we have to go a day without it, we’ll cry about it all day long.

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