FiFi Bofinkles Is My Girl
I’m In Love With Brother Bear
Tea for Cats
Bofinkles on the Telephone

FiFi Bofinkles Is My Girl

As I’m beginning to write this, FiFi Bofinkles  is at my feet.  She’s circling me, she’s rubbing up against my ankles, every now and then 2 paws appear on my knee caps and she begins to rub them.  Her green eyes meet my blue ones,  I fall in love all over again.

FiFi came to us in 2009 and to say she has stole my heart is a big understatement.  The story of her arrival though wasn’t expected.  

In 2009 we went to a cat show here in New York called “Meet the Breeds”.  It’s basically a show where you can walk around and pet and baby talk every single breed of cat.  For those obsessed with cats, this is basically the greatest day of the year.  There Matthew and I met a white Persian cat named Georgia.  Matthew fell in love.  He took pictures with her, snuggled in her fur, and then on the subway ride home it was all about Georgia.  At that time we “only” had 2 cats, Xanadu and Essy, but were thinking about adding a 3rd.  So we set off on a online journey to visit all the shelters and Craigslist to see if we could find and rescue a Persian cat.  After a few days we came across a Persian named Chloe.  She was beautiful.  We sent a email and a few days later we had a interview to meet Chloe in Brooklyn Heights.  There we met Chloe and hoped we would all get along.  There was another cat there in the apartment that the owners were looking for a home for too, but we didn’t pay much attention to her as our attention was on Chloe.  A few days later we received a disappointing email saying they decided to go with another family for Chloe, someone who was more familiar with the grooming process with Persians.  Then the email went on to say that their other cat, the ordinary one that noone paid much attention to next to Princess Chloe, still needed a home and she seemed to fall in love with Matthew during the visit – did we want to adopt her?  My heart was broken. How could we say no to this innocent kitty?  The next day I was picking FiFi up in a cab with a catnip banana.  FiFi came with her own stroller too – I’m not kidding – but that explains basically everything about her.  The owners told me that FiFi was born in the South, sold in a pet store looking very sickly where her original owner bought her out of worry.  Eventually she moved from the South to New York City.  She’s 100% Southern Belle. 

On the cab ride home she cried, I rubbed her cheeks through the cat carrier.  Then we got home and she was pretty terrified of her new surroundings so she hid under the couch for the next few days.  I was heart broken again, I wanted her to feel safe.  So for the next few days while she hid under the couch, I set up  my work station on the floor in front of the couch.  I worked on my laptop, read, ate lunch on that floor.  FiFi came closer to me everytime I put my hand under the couch to try to talk her out.  Eventually she came out, head first, belly next, finally her entire body.  There she rubbed her head all over my lips again and again and again.  FiFi we learned quickly had alot of love to give.  There the name FiFi Bofinkles was created as it randomly came out of  my mouth.  

Years later – FiFi Bofinkles adopted me to the role of her best friend and protector.   She is everywhere where I am.   If I’m sleeping, she’s on my pillow.  If I’m on my computer, she’s on my desk.  If I’m working out, she’s stretched out in Yoga like positions on my mat, if I’m in the shower, she’s outside of it pawing to get in, if I’m washing dishes she’s on the counter between me and the sink, if I’m trying to entertain a friend she’s on my lap wondering why I’m not paying her full attention.   My FiFi Bofinkles, she’s everywhere.  And no matter where she is, she’s demanding kisses.  I’ve often said we could get her a kissing booth and she would become a billionaire.  She loves kissing.  Everyday she requests somewhere between 600 to 8,000 kisses.  And if you make the first move and kiss her, instinct kicks in and the next hour her head will be planted your lips.  She’s my kissing machine.

She came to us unexpected, and I ended up getting a best friend out of the deal.  I couldn’t imagine my life without this cat.  She cheers me up when I’m sad, she tells me I’m special in her own way, she loves me.   I’m spoiled by such a special girl.


So let’s meet FiFi Bofinkles, she’s quite a character….

FiFi Bofinkles, can you wake up?  I want to introduce you to some friends. 

Yes, you.  Can you wake up?

I’m sorry that I woke you.

No, don’t fall back sleep again.

Ok, Ok, I get it. You are tired.

Ok, go back to sleep….

Let’s try it again.  Can I talk to you for a few minutes?


Let me put my hand on your head.  No FiFi Bofinkles, don’t fall down and go to sleep again..

Look, if you let me introduce you then we can kiss later.  I thought that would get your attention.

I wanted to show everyone how cuddly you were and how you push yourself under my blanket.

I wanted to show everyone how you jump in my lap, put your paws over my arm, demand my hands as a pillow and fall asleep.

Oh man, I lost your attention again..

I know you aren’t sleeping, you were just awake.

Again, with the yawns..

I wanted to show everyone how cute your little wet pink nose is.  Can I do that?

What do you think?

Ok, itch your head and think about it..

Or fall back asleep.

Thanks for your attention FiFi Bofinkles.

I’m In Love With Brother Bear

Brother Bear is our very special cat.   He gets lots of special attention for many reasons:

-He’s the only boy.

-He’s the baby.

-He’s very fluffy.

-He has the softest meow in the world.

-He is scared of thunder.

-He loves kisses.

-He just wants to hang out, he’s our bodyguard cat.

-When we first got him, he was going through tough times with different illnesses.  After many trips to the vet, operation, quarantine, we gained his trust for always being there and telling him it was going to be ok.  It wasn’t easy in the beginning.

Brother is a Maine Coon, also known as the breed of gentle giants, and that is what he is.  He’s 15 pounds of strong body, but has the gentlest baby like personality.    

We’re in love with him.  I just wanted to tell you.  You can totally be in love with him too.  He is a good guy.

Below is one morning with him..

When I wake up I can usually find him in this blue bed during the Spring time mornings. He has the best yawns.

He has the fluffiest “wings”.


Then he jumped down onto a box and put his head down.  This is his preferred way of laying.


He can stay like this for hours, and does.
So I like to crawl under him and rub his chin.

Every now and then he will let me touch his toes.

But not much.  “Don’t touch the toes Mom”.

Then Xanadu showed up and plopped herself on my belly.  But back to the Brother show..
He will follow airplanes in the sky…
His paws are always stretched out in the most elegant manner.
When he looks up at you with those eyes – Oh man, I melt.  After I took this picture I just picked him up and kissed him all over.

And when you call for him, he runs.  He’s happy, he’s excited.  It’s the best feeling in the world to get home and see Brother Bear run for you, just to rub his cheeks all over your ankles.

So that is what we did.  We rubbed, we cuddled.  

I love Brother Bear.

Tea for Cats

My good pals William and Lia brought us back us back some goodies from Japan (aka, my dream destination).  In this bag of goodies were a couple satchels of this cat tea.  Not being able to read Japanese, I wondered, is this tea for a cat? Is it for me? Is it for both of us? What is this?  I mean there’s a cat on the front who looks like they are drinking some tea – really? What kind of tea is this?
So a quick text sent to my friend Saya who is from Japan confirmed this is in fact tea for your cat.  Not any type of tea – this is CATNIP TEA.  I know, take a second to think about this..
So I opened up the package and inside was just one tea bag – very catnip smelling by the way. How catnip smelling? FiFi Bofinkles showed up to smell it.  Then I confirmed with Saya the amount of water (16 ounces), temperature (hot or cold would work) and then I made it.
I used 8 ounces cold, 8 ounces warm water. I let it cool down to room temperature.
You can see it turned a slight yellow/green color while steeping.  Omg guys, I’m steeping tea for my cats.  I question my sanity.
Then I put it into a bowl because I thought a tea cup might cross the line for me….
And I waited.
FiFi Bofinkles showed up first.  She wasn’t interested.  She knew the smell but in liquid form? Not having it. She moved away to a food bowl and ate instead.
The real girl I was waiting for was Essy.  Essy is catnip obsessed, I’m sure some would say she needs to rehabilitated or needs a detox.  Girl likes her nip.  She’s 19.. she does what she wants.
I left the bowl for a few minutes and Matthew called out “Is Essy ok?”  I walked over and Essy was laying on the ground rolling around, rubbing her paws into her cheeks.  “She’s all wet” Matthew said feeling her face.  ESSY HAS A TEA FACE.  That sneaky girl.  So Essy was really feeling the magic of the catnip tea.  She was doing her stretches and rolling movements when she’s under the influence.  Then I played with her and she bit my finger because she probably thought it was a dinosaur.   She felt good.
I waited until she went back to the tea and she did.  Where she then slid her cheeks all over the bowl, inside the bowl, dipped her chin.  Basically she bobbed for tea.   After rubbing her cheeks in the tea some more, she just stood there and stared at her Dora the Explorer plate.  I wish I could know what was going through her head during those 36 minutes of non movement.  Was Dora talking to her?  Was she plotting to hurt Dora? Was she living in a animated rainbow? Who knows.
20 minutes later, she was still here.  I rubbed her face and she was soaked.  I’m pretty sure she just put her head in it, so in fear of Essy drowning in catnip tea, I removed it.  The tea bowl was full of Essy fur.

If you can get this, I would try it.  I have a few more teabags that I will let Brother and Xanadu try.  Just watch out for Essy!

Bofinkles on the Telephone

This is a tale of FiFi Bofinkles and the telephone.  As soon as I get on the telephone, Bofinkles jumps on my  lap.  Bofinkles doesn’t understand I’m on the telephone, she think it means “Bofinkles Time”.
Example from  today:
Me on the telphone “Hey, how are you doing?” and continues conversation…
Bofinkles sprints over, jumps on my lap “What Mom? Do you need me”?”
Bofinkles: “Hey, I’m talking to you.  Do you need me, do you?”
Bofinkles: “Ok, I am getting closer to you.  I will jump on your shoulder.  Are you talking to me?”
Bofinkles: “Why aren’t you responding to me standing here, looking at you? Maybe if I pretend I fell asleep while you were talking to me you would notice..”
Bofinkles: “Ok, so about that conversation we were having.  How are you?”
Bofinkles: “Omg, are you ignoring me again?  What If I just fall down..?”
Bofinkles: “Just look at me.  Please!”

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