Staying Connected with Family and Clients When Traveling
Tour of Disney World’s Behind The Seeds Greenhouse!
Pamela’s Life: A Picture A Day, January
Behind The Scenes of Allure Magazine with Reed + Rader
Won’t You Be My Valentine? Join the February Tea Swap!
Pamela’s Life: A Picture A Day, December
Staying in Luxury in Cleveland @ Metropolitan at The 9
New Bed, New Closet, New Year!
Visiting Family in Pennsylvania and Gifting Keurig 2.0
How to Make Holiday Cat Garland
Missing Cats While Away…
Having fun with your house decor with color and toys!
Loft Living With Our New Reading Nook!
Halloween in Disney World!
Come Grocery Shopping With Me!
Cute Halloween Treat Bag Ideas for Kids and Adults
Wednesday Chit Chat & Some Favorite Things
Who Else Needs Some Tea To Battle a Cold?
Wednesday Chit Chat – How Are You?
Designing a Reading Nook – Need Help!

Staying Connected with Family and Clients When Traveling

The month of March is has been full of traveling. We started out in London, flew to NYC for a few days, and then flew to Doha, Qatar for 2 weeks.  Traveling is not always luxurious; I always prefer to work and shoot in NYC if at all possible.  One main reason is that I miss my family, friends and most importantly (sorry family) our cats.  We have a live webcam set up in our home that we can tune in and watch the cats throughout the day, but what I need is live interaction.

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Tour of Disney World’s Behind The Seeds Greenhouse!

Do you remember when we went to Disney World for my birthday in October?  Yes, it was great!
Disney World October 2014_5

We went to Disney a few years ago and we did the automated tour through their greenhouse.  It was fun, but I wanted to get personal with the plants.  Not only did I want to see all the vegetables up close but I also wanted to  learn about their hydroponics system.    When I got home that year I found out they have a behind the scenes tour of their greenhouse so I was sure that on our next visit we scheduled this tour in.  

Was it amazing? Yes.
Should you check it out when you’re in Disney?  Yes!
If you love to garden or cook you will love Disney World’s Behind The Seeds Greenhouse tour.

The tour takes place at Epcot and runs pretty much once an hour from 10AM-5PM.  The price is $20 for adults.  You can make reservations ahead of time, but we just stopped by and signed in and then came back at our time.   Our group was only 8 people so although this tour is amazing it doesn’t seem to get that busy.  

You’ll meet your guide at the time you made your reservation for and will be whisked backstage from a back door. Then you’ll walk through a few more doors and end up directly in the greenhouse.  Your guide will be one of the employees  of the greenhouse who is knowledgeable about hydroponics and can ask answer (almost) all of your questions.   Our guide was Ashley who was great.  
Behind the Seeds Tour at Disney World_2

 And then you’re off on an amazing adventure through their hydroponic garden.  The entire greenhouse is inspiring and when you see how quickly the vegetables grow (and to what size) your jaw will be hanging on the floor. 

Behind the Seeds Tour at Disney World_41

Behind the Seeds Tour at Disney World_36

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Pamela’s Life: A Picture A Day, January

January is already over! Can you believe it?
In another adventure of a picture a day for a month prepare yourself for food, cats and snow.  Isn’t that Winter comfort?

Follow me on Instagram for more pictures!

Jan 1: Goblin looks like a old man.  He’s a baby.

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Behind The Scenes of Allure Magazine with Reed + Rader

I promised during the Summer I was going to take you behind the scenes on more of our fashion projects that we shoot. It’s been a bit delayed on getting the next one, but finally it’s here! Come with me behind the scenes of a Allure Magazine fashion video.

Allure Russia Magazine contacted us to create a video for their Best of Beauty Awards 2014,  a celebration of all of the best beauty items for 2014.    More specifically, we were to feature the best women’s and men’s fragrances from floral, fruity, woody and more.

The result we made was this fun video:

So now that you saw the final video, let’s look at how it was made.

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Won’t You Be My Valentine? Join the February Tea Swap!

This weekend was a dreary one.  On Saturday we hopped all over Brooklyn and Manhattan visiting hobby shops and picking up acrylic in Chinatown.  The day was extra chilly so I was happy to finally sit down for a late lunch with a big bowl of Udon Noodles near Washington Square Park.  It was the perfect way to warm up my bones.  On Sunday, it was cloudy and rainy all day long.  It was one of those days where it feels like it’s morning all day long as the sun just won’t peek out.   So on Sunday afternoon I curled up with a nice cup of tea (ok, a couple cups) and decided you know what we all need during Winter?  Tea and love.  Welcome to the February Tea Swap “Won’t You Be My Valentine?”

Wont You Be My Valentine_ Join the February Tea Swap

 It’s been a long time since we did our last tea swap here and I’m not really sure why. Each one was successful and caused smiles around the world.  Schedules were a little crazy here so I’m going to use that as a excuse but I’m happy to say they’re back!  If you have never joined a Brooklyn Farm Girl tea swap, let me know explain how it works.  You will sign up for the swap and receive a partner over email.  You and your partner will swap with each other.   There’s always a theme to a swap so you can have some fun with your swap package.  By the sending deadline, you will send your partner a collection of teas and whatever else the swap theme calls for.    In return, your partner will send you your package out.  Most likely you’ll both be smiling ear to ear and become friends.   

Because it’s February, the month of hearts, the theme is “Won’t You Be My Valentine?”.  You will send your partner a collection of teas and a gift that fits this theme.  For teas, it’s up to you what you want to send but you can always ask your partner if they have a preference.  I ask that you send your partner at least 10 bags of tea, but I usually go wild and send them tea for a month.  For the theme gift, it’s up to you!  Maybe it’s a homemade cookie, maybe it’s a tea mug with hearts on it, maybe it’s a candle because you read on their Instagram account (hello Internet stalking) that they love the smell of peppermint.  Have fun!    

How do I sign up?
You sign up here.

When is the deadline to sign up?
The deadline is January 31.

When is the deadline to send my tea swap out?
You should send your tea swap out by February 7.   

How do I get my partner?
I will send out a email a few days after the sign up deadline has passed with a link to partners.

Do I swap with the same person who sends me a swap?
Yes, it’s 1:1.  You and your partner are paired up.

Is this only for USA?
No, it’s International but you will ONLY get a partner from the same country as you.  If you live in the USA, you will only get a partner from the USA.  If you live in Australia, you will only get a partner from Australia.  If you sign up and there is no match in your country, then you won’t receive a partner.

How much money do I need to spend?
There is no minimum or maximum price, but this is meant to be a simple swap, so don’t feel pressured to over perform.  The point is to cause a smile, that’s it.

How should I package my items to ship?
It’s always better to be safe than sorry.  If you’re sending a pastry, package it good so it stays fresh.  If you’re sending a mug,  really wrap it up to protect it.  

Can I post on my blog or Instagram when I receive my tea swap package?
Yes! And hashtag it #bfgteaswap


If you have any other questions feel free to leave them in the comments and I will answer it there.

I hope you will be joining the swap

Pamela’s Life: A Picture A Day, December

How was your weekend everyone?  
Mine was brrrr cold.  I tried to start running but then I realized that 10 degrees and running doesn’t work work well for me.  So instead of running, I’ve started to listen to the Serial podcast, watching episode of the Good Wife, drinking tea and eating soup. That sounds like Winter, right?

When I used to have my old blog (12 years ago!) I would often document my months and days by posting photos. For months, it’d be a photo a day.  For days, it’d be a photo every hour. I won’t show you any of those blog series because they are (very!) embarassing but I thought about bringing them to Brooklyn Farm Girl. Since I take so many pictures (Instagram-aholic) I thought it would be fun to start doing monthly series.  

I hope these are fun to view and you get to know me a little bit better with a glimpse behind the scenes with working on blog posts, creating our art for clients and life in NYC.  One thing I should tell you right away… I like cats. 🙂


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Staying in Luxury in Cleveland @ Metropolitan at The 9

Looking to stay in comfort when visiting Cleveland?  Look no further, you have to check out Metropolitan at The 9!

Metropolitan is a boutique hotel located in Downtown Cleveland that will dazzle you with it’s style and amenities.   How much did we love it? As soon as we got back to NYC, we went and bought the same bed that the hotel had.  We loved it that much.

The hotel has 10 floors of rooms (91 rooms , 65 suites)  that are each decorated with a colorful modern twist.   As soon as you can walk into your room you can tell it was curated carefully to make sure everything was just right.

So why don’t we walk into our room?

The bed is king size with a plush pillow top.  I can’t express how comfortable it is. I mean I can because I told you already that we bought this bed when arriving home.  The first night here we were supposed to wake up early but instead we just snoozed our hearts out.   A wow moment was spotting there were plentiful media connections wired next to the bed.  We always pack HDMI and numerous other cables and adapter dongles when we stay at hotels so that we can share our laptop screens to the televisions so this was a really nice surprise after dealing with most hotels that are stuck in the dark ages. 


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New Bed, New Closet, New Year!

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Newell Rubbermaid, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #HomeFreeLowes http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV


2015, I’m coming for you!   I’ve already checked off a few things off my list.  I know it’s January 5 and it will slow down, but I’m so happy 2 big things are out of the way… new bed and new closet! WOOOOH!

We needed a new bed.  It’s not that our bed was bad, but it just wasn’t right for us.  We bought it a few years ago without Matthew even testing it out.  It did it’s job for a few years but then we both started to get lower back pain.  We needed something more comfy and we needed something larger.  I know you’re thinking we’re only 2 people, yes but we’re 2 people and 4 cats, do you how much room that takes up?  I mean have you seen a cat sleep? Each of them spread out to 5 feet long.  

In November we went on a trip to Cleveland and we stayed at a beautiful hotel (review coming soon) that had the most comfortable bed.  The first night we slept in for hours!  After a few days Matthew’s back pain started to go away.  So we did what we had to do, we stripped the sheets off down to the mattress and wrote down the model.  One day back in NYC, we made our way to the mattress store and found the bed and bought it.  

So there we were, with the most comfortable king size mattress, but no bed frame.

We looked online for bed frames and it seemed like everything we loved was thousands of dollars.  I wanted something big and light colored. Our room is rather dark so this would be the perfect opportunity to lighten it up.  But again, the prices – ugh!  So then Matthew said “I’m going to make us a bed”.  I trust Matthew, he’s built our farmhouse table, all of our storage, walls and as a kid he would build houses with his dad.  Even though still slightly worried I gave him the green light.   I don’t know how he did it, but he built, painted and transported this bed from studio to home in 4 days.    I nearly cried (ok maybe I did) when I first saw it in our bedroom.  It’s the nicest piece of furniture I’ve ever owned before!  

King Size Loft Bed DIY_3

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Visiting Family in Pennsylvania and Gifting Keurig 2.0

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #Keurig400 #CollectiveBias

The last few days I spent in Pennsylvania visiting my dad.  We usually only get to see each other once a year, so it’s always special as he’s so important to me.   So Matthew and I rented a car and drove out to visit him, along with a Keurig 2.0 to gift him, and to have hot chocolate and tea parties with me – of course.  

We did lots of things in our short 2 and a half days visiting.  We saw lots of my family, ate too much food, drove up many hills and on the way back to NYC we stopped off at Christmas Village. If you’ve never visited, Christmas Village is exactly what it sounds like – it’s a tourist attraction due to their village they made with lights and decorations. It’s only open in November and December and it it attracts people from all over.  I used to go there all the time as a kid, so I wanted to share it with Matthew.  Not  much has changed but it’s still always fun (plus hot chocolate and soft pretzels because it’s always freezing!).
Gifting Keurig Brewer_8


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How to Make Holiday Cat Garland

CAT LADY CRAFT! Step by step craft instructions on how to make cute cat garland, perfect for decorating for the holidays! This is a creative garland that we love putting on our Christmas tree to show everyone how much we love our cats! 

Hello my lovely cat ladies, you look purrfect today.
Do you have any cat stories to share this holiday season?  Is your cat knocking over your tree? Is your cat catching those lights?  Is your cat cozy sleeping under the tree?  Is your cat knocking over every ornament you have?    

It’s Goblin’s first Christmas and he treats everyday like it’s the best day ever.  I am pretty sure he thinks every ornament is a toy that we gave him.  He just doesn’t understand when we tell him we can’t knock them down.  I know he’s thinking.. “Give me toys so I can look at? No, Goblin must play!”.  What else does Goblin love.. garland! Hours of entertainment when there’s string involved!  To step up my cat lady game though, I decided this would be the year of cat garland. 
Step by step craft instructions on how to make cute cat garland, perfect for decorating for the holidays! This is a creative garland that we love putting on our Christmas tree to show everyone how much we love our cats! 

Garland is so much fun for any day of the year, but especially around the holidays.  It’s great for trees, walls, front door and parties!  The great thing about making your own garland is customizing it to whatever color or pattern you want. 
How to Make Cat Garland_2

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Missing Cats While Away…

Hi friends,

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with your friends and family.  Matthew and I surprised his Mother and family by showing up for dinner a few minutes beforehand.  Only his brother knew we were coming back so it was organized well.  Thankfully someone recorded a video of Matthew walking in the front door and it’s the sweetest reaction his mom could make – crying and yelling.  It was really special coming back to Cleveland for a few days to see his (my) family.

We had such a ordeal getting to Cleveland though.  This is how the schedule went:
Wednesday 12:00PM – Say goodbye to our kitties and make them all kiss me.  4 times.
Wednesday- got to airport with plenty of time to spare as everyone says the busiest day at the airport is the day before Thanksgiving. There were no lines. Spent 2 hours waiting watching Tudors.  
Wednesday 2:30PM – supposed to start boarding plane right now.
Wednesday 3:00PM – started to board the plane.
Wednesday 4:00PM – still sitting on the runway. Pilot comes on and tells us the plane is having mechanical issues.
Wednesday 4:30PM – we’re back sitting inside the airport now. They say they are bring in parts from another airport.  This doesn’t seem good. But they say don’t panic, we’ll be fine.
Wednesday 5:00PM – Don’t panic, you’ll be fine, American Airlines says.
Wednesday 6:00PM – Don’t panic, you’ll be fine, American Airlines says.
Wednesday 7:00PM – Don’t panic, you’ll be fine, American Airlines says.
Wednesday 8:30PM – Panic, the flight is cancelled.
Wednesday 8:31PM – Passengers are either angry or crying because they can’t find any other flights for Thursday morning.
Wednesday 9:00PM – America Airlines tells us that they found Matthew and I a flight with another carrier in the morning, we should be ok. They pay for a cab to go back home to sleep for the night.  Cats are confused why we’re back because their party was just beginning.
Wednesday 11:00PM – Call American Airlines because the flight they said we are now on is actually booked and it’s stating online that we are wait-listed.   Other airline confirms the flight is booked.  American Airlines is confused. They have no idea what to do with us.
Wednesday 11:30PM – After 4 calls back and forth, they get us a flight for the morning. We have to fly New York to Chicago to Cleveland with a 2 hour layover, but whatever, we’ll take it!
Thursday 3:00PM – Finally get to Cleveland!

Whew, that was a bit stressful.. but we made it!

Now back to the topic.. missing kitties!
Whenever we travel I miss my little baby dolls so much.  I even travel with a Polaroid of each of them so I can wake up in the morning and see them:


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Having fun with your house decor with color and toys!

“How many kids do you have?” might be a often asked question to strangers who enter our house.
My response “4 cats” and a smile.

Brooklyn Loft Living Reading Nook_13

What’s surrounding me right now?
I’m lying on a carpet. I have FiFi Bofinkles next to me who’s kissing up a storm to the side of my face.  I’m resting my elbows on a smiling snowman pillow. My cup of green tea has  Mr. Messy on it.  Above me is a robot, a lion, a alien and multiple organic shaped stuffed animals with great personalities.  

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Loft Living With Our New Reading Nook!

Do you remember a few weeks ago I posted about designing a reading nook?  Well it’s done and I couldn’t be more happy!  Thanks to everyone for suggestions on their favorite items to pick. It was  hard tossup on so many things, I think I changed my mind about the couch and the rug 88 times but finally decided!  So then I spent the next few weeks waiting for the delivery guys hoping they’d have my goodies!  The couch was last to arrive, but as soon as we unboxed it – I was set!  The reading nook was all ready to be snuggled into.

As a reminder here is what I wanted:
A cozy spot of our loft to curl up and disappear from work and life for a few minutes (or hours).
A place that I could read and drink many cups of tea.
With the winter coming up, somewhere extra cozy that was warm! Pillows and blankets!
Couch, Rug, Table, Light were the necessities. 
The rug needed to be super warm as we have concrete floors.  They are extremely cold in the winter. 

Are you ready? Here it is!   Not only am I love with my nook but you’ll see below all the cats love it too.   I’m constantly fighting with them to move over on the couch.  Isn’t it funny how a 8 pound cat can take up as much space (if not more) than a human?
Brooklyn Loft Living Reading Nook


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Halloween in Disney World!

Happy Halloween gorgeous Ghouls!
Grab a bucket of candy, some apple cider and a black cat and let me take you on a journey to Disney World for Halloween!

A week ago, it was my birthday.  I’ve always wanted to go to Disney World for my birthday and Halloween so a couple weeks ago we booked the trip!  To say I was excited would be a understatement.  On my first trip to Disney a few years ago I stayed up late every night reading Disney forums and books, preparing myself.  For this one, I had the basics set but there would be a new celebration: Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party!

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is a Halloween Party that takes place in the Magic Kingdom on special nights in September and October.  It’s a separate park ticket (Disney is great at making money!) so they close the park down for only the Halloween party guests! They also keep the park open late on these nights.  We were there until 12AM dancing and collecting candy.

Collecting candy? YES! During the Halloween Party there are specific dedicated spots (usually next to rides) that you can line up and trick or treat.   Noone is too old for this! Me, Matthew and 2 friends – all over the age of 30 – had a blast going from stop to stop.  When you get into the park they even give you own trick or treat bag.  If you fill it up, you can get a new one and keep on going!  I haven’t been trick or treating in many years so it was lots of fun to get my sweet loot!

Did I mention costumes?  You have to wear a costume!  Disney has some of the best dressed characters, so you need to go big! Although I felt like the majority of visitors don’t go all out (the majority don’t wear a costume! *GASP*) we had to!  My costume changed about a hour before we left for the airport, but thankfully I have a few clown costumes laying around.  Everyone has clown costumes ready to grab for special occasions, right?

So here we are, Mr & Mrs Clown.  
Disney World Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party


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Come Grocery Shopping With Me!

Do you like grocery shopping?  How often do you do it?  I’ve written before about how I do a fair amount of my shopping online so I wanted to introduce you guys to a new service called Farmigo which is a online farmers market that empowers families to eat better, bypassing the supermarket. 


We had a explosion of vegetables during the Summer months to the point that we don’t usually buy any produce for a few solid months.  I know not everyone has their own garden though so Farmigo is great for those that still fresh vegetables while supporting local farmers.     You’ll see below that I did use Farmigo to order meats, cheeses, breads and a couple vegetables we don’t grow.   Their selection is wide and varied on the season.  I think Farmigo is great because unlike a CSA where you get a box of surprises, here you get to pick what you want.  If you are meal planning for the week then you know you’ll need tomatoes, basil, corn, hot dogs and hot dog buns.   This won’t result in you getting a box full of 4 heads of lettuce and figuring out what the heck you’re going to do do with them.  

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Cute Halloween Treat Bag Ideas for Kids and Adults

This shop to make Halloween treat bags has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.  #SweetOrTreat #CollectiveBias

It’s almost Halloween – are you excited? I sure am.

My costume is ready, a giant pumpkin sits in our window lit up for Brooklyn, bite size chocolates sit on a table asking me to eat them and my Halloween treat bags are made for friends!  I know Halloween is usually set aside for kids, but as a Halloween loving adult, I know there are lots of us that still love Halloween even though we’re over the age of 15.   There’s something great about Halloween, maybe it’s the reason to be creative with costumes, maybe it’s spooky ghosts and pumpkins, maybe it’s decorating your house with orange, maybe it’s pumpkin baking season, maybe it’s the candy or maybe it’s just the memories of being a kid and going door to door to fill up your treat bag.

For Halloween this year I’ll be bringing treat bags to our studio space to give it to our friends there.  No matter the age, when someone gets a bag full of sweets and toys, it will make them smile.    While looking for treat bags, nothing really stuck out to me, so I decided I was going to make my own to stuff Skittles, Starburst, stickers and pencils in!

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Wednesday Chit Chat & Some Favorite Things

Hi Friends,

It’s another Wednesday.  How are you doing?

Are you ready for Fall? Do you have your pumpkins already?  Are you all decorated for Halloween? Even though it’s my favorite holiday, I’m slacking a bit.  I’ve brought out a few of the Halloween ghosts and pumpkins, but there’s multiple boxes I need to get out from the loft to really get our place in Halloween shape.  Let the Halloween decorating begin!

Speaking of Halloween, are you dressing up this year? There is only one answer for this.  Yes!  I think I’m recycling a costume this year, but updating some of it, so I hope that counts as acceptable! My birthday is a few days before Halloween so we’re going on a birthday/Halloween vacation to Disney World. If you know me then you know my love for Disney is extremely strong… so to be celebrating happy day and trick or treating at Disney makes me so excited I will probably cry while doing it!
Speaking of, our Disney Magic Bands came in the mail…guess who is totally decorating hers with pumpkins? Yup!

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Who Else Needs Some Tea To Battle a Cold?

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.

Sniffle Sniffle.  Sneeze.  Please don’t be alarmed, you can stay in this thread.  I won’t get you sick.  I promise.  Well I can’t promise, but I shouldn’t get you sick.  I mean there are screens between us, that will protect you, right?  You might have read in last week’s post I was feeling a cold coming on.   A few days later and I thought I was feeling better, I was able to eat a entire bowl of soup!  And then suddenly on Saturday I started to feel it again.  The sniffles were in high gear and both my ears started hurting. The one hurts so bad that it sometimes wakes me up in the middle of the night.  It’s quite a bummer.    So want to have some tea with me to discuss how much you hate Fall time colds? There’s a few reasons why colds aren’t cool.  Read More

Wednesday Chit Chat – How Are You?

I used to love these weekly “how are you posts” but I fell off the wagon a bit.  But now I’m back and I’m ready to chat.  So how are you doing? How’s your family? How’s your cats? How’s your job?  How’s the weather?  Are you looking forward to the holidays?

I know, that’s lots of questions.  Take your time answering them.

I guess I’ll answer them too.

How am I doing?  
I’m caught a bug. No, not a cute little garden bug.  This is a sneezy, sniffly, ear ringing (I sound like a commercial) bug.  We’ve had a long week of working and as sometimes happens the day after nonstop work the body needs to crash.  My body crashed straight into bed.  I’ve been sniffling so much I’m sure I annoy everyone in our office (I’m sorry!).  Also I can’t really eat anything so I’ve been living on tea, juice and broth (but sometimes that grosses me out too).   Whenever anyone eats in front of me I have to go to the other room.  The smells! AGH!    Hopefully this will clear up in a few days… until then I’ll be moping around.

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Designing a Reading Nook – Need Help!

 Hey friends! I need your help today!  Please!

I know how stylish you guys are and I trust your decorative touches, so won’t you give me your input?

Please watch this video below I made where I’m asking for your help in my future reading nook!  I want someplace cozy in our loft that I can curl up with some cats, a cup of tea and a book. 

Below are some of my favorite items I saw when browsing online – which ones do you love?
Do you have any suggestions on comments about a reading nook? What does it have to have?  What shouldn’t it have?

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