Garden Giveaway – FoodSaver Preservation System!

Garden Giveaway – FoodSaver Preservation System!

Hi garden friends!  To help kick off the beginning of gardening season I’m giving away a FoodSaver FM5480 2-in-1 Food Preservation System (retail $200) to one (super!) lucky reader!  This FoodSaver is going to help you preserve your Summer veggies for months to come!  One of my favorite features of this FoodSaver is that it seals delicate foods without crushing them, something that I’ve had a hard time with others!


Why do you want to use a FoodSaver?  It keeps food fresh, eliminates waste and saves money.   The system includes vacuum seal bags, zipper bags and containers designed to work together for the best performance.   The Vacuum Sealer protects food from the deteriorating effects of oxygen.  In general, food lasts 5x longer when you use it.  Meat for example can last up to 3 years in the freezer, instead of the usual 6 months. Use this for fruits and vegetables, breads, pastries, meat, soups and stew, coffee beans,  flour, sugar, rice/pasta and more.  You can even use it for refrigerator items like cheese which will help keep it fresh for 4-8 months!

It would be a perfect addition to your Summer veggie garden for sure!

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