We planted our Spring 2017 garden!

We planted our Spring 2017 garden!

While we’re experiencing a few heated days, we made our way Upstate to start the 2017 garden year and get our veggies planted.  This year we decided to hold off planting a couple weeks due to us having a few scary nights of dropping temperatures last year, but I think we’re in the clear now… and the veggies were ready to move out of Brooklyn and into their new garden home!

We planted our Spring 2017 garden Upstate! Come check out all the veggies we're growing - from broccoli, sugar snap peas, onions, celery and more!

A quick recap, here’s what we planted for our Spring garden and here are the dates that we started the seeds indoors and then moved them outside.
Onions |  March 18 | May 17
Kale   |   March 26 | May 17
Cabbage  | March 26 | May 17
Brussels Sprouts  | March 26 | May 17
Collards   | March 26 | May 17
Bok Choy | March 26 | May 17
Cauliflower   |  March 26 | May 17
Broccoli  |   March 26 | May 17
Celery    |  March 26 | May 17
Lettuce |  April 22 |  TBA
Carrots  | May 17 (directly in soil)
Sugar Snap Peas | May 17 (directly in soil)

As you can see from last year’s Spring veggies, not too much has changed.  We have our usual cast of characters, with one new addition.  This year we’re going to try to grow celery for the first time!   Honestly, the seeds were kind of jerks and really hard to germinate so we had to plant them twice.  Even then, the seedlings looked pretty pathetic and  weren’t up to par with their plant siblings.   At the very last minute I found this pack of 6 celery plants for $2 on our way Upstate so I got them.   We grow all of our veggies from seeds, but this year the celery just wasn’t happening so I had to give in and buy a pack.   Looks like I have to investigate more into these fussy, hard to germinate seeds for next year!
How to Grow Celery

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