Breakfast Time With Goblin

Tracking PixelIt’s breakfast time with Goblin! This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CANIDAE® Under The Sun®.

Goblin had a fantastic Sunday morning.  It involved chin rubs, cheek kisses,  finally pinning his 12 pound Maine Coon sister (Toes), chasing some plastic and getting to see a bird land on the air conditioner outside the window.  The bird was pretty much the highlight of his year so far and he has been pacing by the windows ever since waiting for the next bird to arrive.   After all that fun, Goblin was hungry so it was definitely breakfast time. 

We have a pretty regular dining schedule with the cats that usually always starts with the cats buttering us up with a leg rub, kiss and plenty of hungry meows.  When putting their bowls down I have to walk slowly as my 5 hungry fur babies circle my feet.  

This is Goblin’s “Good Morning, I am ready for breakfast” face.

Goblin loves CANIDAE® Under The Sun® Grain Free cat food.  His favorite is the Indoor with Chicken variety which is grain free and potato free; no corn, wheat, or soy.  It’s made with farm-fresh ingredients, wholesome fruits and veggies (peas, carrots, and butternut squash!) and single animal proteins.  It’s budget friendly which is nice, especially when you have a army of cats to love.  Here’s more to love, a $10 off offer! $5 off the first bag, $3 off a second bag, and $2 off cans/cups. CANIDAE Under The Sun is Pet Food Made By Pet People.

As soon as I take a scoop out of the bag, their little noses begin to wiggle, their butts shake and they know it’s breakfast time! I’m happy knowing they are having a delicious breakfast!
This is Goblin’s “No more talking Mom, let’s get to breakfast” face.

And this is Goblin’s HAPPY face.  I know it’s hard to tell the difference between his moods, but trust me, if you heard the purring that was coming out of him after breakfast you’d know he was a happy boy!

Hope you enjoyed having breakfast with Goblin! <3  Let me know in the comments what your breakfast schedule is with your furry baby!

If you want to learn more about CANIDAE Under The Sun, watch this video!


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CANIDAE® Under The Sun®.


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  • We have two cats and two pit bulls. The cat’s dry food is kept on the second floor because one of our pits likes to eat their dry food but it bothers her bladder so it is not allowed. One of the cats also likes to eat that dog’s canned food. Their canned food is given to them in the morning in the kitchen and when my husband gets up, they are sitting next to their bowls. One of the cats grabs my husband leg as if to say okay feed me now. Our animals are our joy and we wouldn’t trade them for anything.

    • That’s so nice Patty – you guys sounds like wonderful parents! We have one cat (she’s a Siamese to give you a understanding of her personality) and she won’t eat with the rest of the cats on the floor. Instead she eats high up on the washing machine, watching over her brothers and sisters, as if she’s a Queen!

  • OMG Goblin is so cute! My dog doesn’t get regular meals; she has issues with other dogs so she gets the majority of her food during our walks. It’s meant to distract her from barking but usually she just barks while she chews. I love this post!

    • Haha aww Kelsie, maybe your dog thinks that since you take her out for dinner she’s being spoiled! It’s like going out to a restaurant, with a nice walk afterwards! 🙂

  • I have 3 kitties, Pamela. Two are (formally feral) & one of those two (Goldie) is now my best buddy & so dang funny. Sadly, somebody poked her left eye out, but it doesn’t slow her down one little bit. The 2nd is still, technically feral(Peaches). She has learned to love me and be petted & snuggle in my arms…. but, still petrified of EVERYTHING & EVERYBODY else & will NOT come in to my house. How she survives the brutal Vermont winters I will never know. She eats once daily in the evening & cleans up every morsel. The 3rd is an old guy (Rocky) who staggered into our yard about 5 January’s ago— starving & dehydrated. Found out later he belonged to someone down the street whose garage had collapsed (& we think he was in it when it did). He is a total lovebug to humans— so not fond of other cats?. I could go on & on about these 3… they add so much to my life. Two of the 3 have digestive issues… I think I may try your food. I’ve tried many, many specialty foods that they don’t seem to want…sometimes think I should just make their food fresh. ? . Breakfast for them is about 7am & evening is about 7pm
    So anxious to hear how your fur babies are going to react to their new sister❤️

    • Hey Sue, your comment warms my heart! You are such a good person to those cats and they love you for it! Give each of them a little chin rub from me! <3 PS. I'll definitely let you know how the cat gang reacts to their new sister!

  • Goblin is so cute!! I’ve never had a cat before and probably never will (my husband is deathly allergic), but I love them so much. My pup loves trying new foods, too 🙂

  • Goblin is gorgeous!! I didn’t know you had cats! We have two, a brother and sister, and they are pretty spoiled 🙂 . What a nice routine you have with them. I like this cat food, might see if we can find it and let them try it 🙂 .

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