Breakfast Time With Goblin

Breakfast Time With Goblin

Tracking PixelIt’s breakfast time with Goblin! This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CANIDAE® Under The Sun®.

Goblin had a fantastic Sunday morning.  It involved chin rubs, cheek kisses,  finally pinning his 12 pound Maine Coon sister (Toes), chasing some plastic and getting to see a bird land on the air conditioner outside the window.  The bird was pretty much the highlight of his year so far and he has been pacing by the windows ever since waiting for the next bird to arrive.   After all that fun, Goblin was hungry so it was definitely breakfast time. 

We have a pretty regular dining schedule with the cats that usually always starts with the cats buttering us up with a leg rub, kiss and plenty of hungry meows.  When putting their bowls down I have to walk slowly as my 5 hungry fur babies circle my feet.  

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