Small Kitchen Inspiration on a Budget

Small Kitchen Inspiration on a Budget

Tracking PixelEasy ways to refresh your small apartment kitchen on a budget!  This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Lowe’s.

Based on the many recipes I post here on the blog, and the endless baked goods on Instagram, I spend a fair amount of time in the kitchen. Actually, at a recent therapist visit the Doctor asked me what I do to relax.  I responded “Yoga…and I hang out in the kitchen”.   I love spending time in the kitchen baking afternoon sweets, making dinner, recipe creation and getting my full garden harvest preserving on once Summer rolls around.  During garden season it’s not rare that I have to put one day aside a week to preserve our vegetables, so I consider myself kitchen devoted.

Easy ways to refresh your small apartment kitchen on a budget!

Unfortunately my kitchen is not a dream.   When I moved into my apartment, close to 12 years ago, it was a nightmare.  There was hardly any space to not only cook, but at the bare minimum cabinet space.  I think when we first moved in there was 3 cabinets, a (ugly) sink, a (ugly) stove and a (ugly) refrigerator.  My kitchen loving heart ached.    Thankfully the kitchen and I have grown together and it’s turned into something more pleasing and usable.  Now I have lots more cabinets! I have a island! I have shelves! I have storage! I have a beautiful refrigerator and too many kitchen gadgets and appliances to the point whenever I get a new one my husband asks “Another one?”.  Yes, another one!   So although my kitchen still isn’t the dream, I feel like we’re finally in a ok place with each other. 

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