A Purrfect Valentine For Your Cats

A Purrfect Valentine For Your Cats

Show your cat you love them on Valentine’s Day with a tasty meal!

I love our cats so much that I like to make holidays extra special for them, especially Valentine’s  Day.   No, I won’t be sending them flowers or chocolate, but instead I’m going to give them what they really want – a tasty meal!   Toes loves food.  Her favorite hobby is licking gravy out of bowls, while batting her Maine Coon eyelashes at me. One loud purr (she’s really loud) from Toes on my lap, and it melts my heart and makes me spoil her with whatever she wants.  In the morning when my alarm clock goes off, she bursts through the bedroom door,  jumps onto the bed and hops on to my chest purring with morning excitement.  Is she excited to see her Mom? Or is she excited for breakfast?  Well, probably both, so I decided to combine them and give her a great Valentine’s Day breakfast made by her Mom this year.

Show your cat you love them on Valentine's Day with a tasty meal!

First, start out by giving your cat a Valentine.   Hand it to them and watch them either rub their cheeks on it or completely ignore it.  Toes ignored mine, no hard feelings taken.

Show your cat you love them on Valentine's Day with a tasty meal!

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