Welcome to our greenhouse!

Welcome to our greenhouse!

This post is sponsored by Hayneedle who helped us build a greenhouse so we can grow vegetables in the Winter! All opinions are my own. 

Make gardening season last year round with a greenhouse!  Go green and grow your own! 

I have been so excited to show you what we’ve been doing on the land!  Garden season ended a few months ago so that’s why there there hasn’t  been as many beautiful vegetables to show, but not to worry – we’re still growing! In February! In 10 degree temperature! In the snow!  Thanks to a greenhouse we’re all set up to grow our hearts out 365 days a year now!

Make gardening season last year round with a greenhouse! Go green and grow your own!

When we had our rooftop garden going we had a small greenhouse that left us able to grow broccoli, bok choy and kale during the Winter months. Once we moved the garden Upstate I was already thinking about Winter growing during the first year.   Because we’re Upstate in the Catskill Mountains we had some things to seriously consider about the greenhouse.  1) It gets really cold.  2)  It gets really snowy.  3)  It gets really windy.    So I investigated greenhouses and figured the Palram HG56 Glory Greenhouse would be best for our situation.  We got it in the 12L x 8W ft size which is more than enough for what we need.     Due to the strong wind on our property, we installed the anchor kit to ensure the greenhouse wasn’t going anywhere. Inside the greenhouse we put down a ground cover and a few bags of drainage rocks on top.

Make gardening season last year round with a greenhouse! Go green and grow your own!

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