Buttered Cabbage and Rice

Buttered Cabbage and Rice

20 MINUTE Buttered Cabbage and Rice dinner! This is one of my favorite weeknight recipes that uses sauteed cabbage and peas! It’s a healthy, easy vegetarian meal my entire family loves! You can even use instant rice to make it even more simple!

This is a easy comforting meal filled with healthy vegetables that I hope you’ll love as much as I do.   Right now kids are going back to school, creating havoc on the Fall schedule.  There’s school, sports, activities, homework and there’s also you! Don’t forget to take care of you!  I wanted to create a recipe that would be ready in 20 minutes that is still wholesome with fresh ingredients – a meal you’ll feel good about serving the family. 
Buttered Cabbage and Rice with Peas

The main vegetables in this recipe are cabbage and peas, 2 things that we have in abundance right now in the garden.   I’ve always liked cabbage, but this Summer I turned into a real cabbage lover.  I can’t get enough of it, especially sauteed and buttered!  Yum.

  Our sugar snap peas are coming to a end this season, what’s left is those monster peas that are busting through the pods.  
Fresh Sugar Snap Pea

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