July 9 Weekend Harvest – Sugar Snap Peas, Bok Choy, Lettuce, Kale, Collards!

Yup, it’s another harvest post.   Yup, we’re picking the same veggies as last week again.

This weekend we had off and on rain while visiting the land, with a heavy downpour happening in the late afternoon that followed us back to NYC. I can’t complain about getting wet in the rain though because water is definitely what the garden needs in this stage. 

Our refrigerator is filled with greens right now.  We have no idea how we’re going to eat that much lettuce.  Thankfully I figured out how to preserve lettuce better last year, and now I can freeze all our bok choy.

So let’s jump right in, sugar snap peas, bok choy, lettce, kale, collards.. I’m coming for you!

The sugar snap peas are in full growing mode right now, we’re picking them by the bucket. Last weekend we picked over 5 pounds!


That means we’re having lots of yummy peas and pasta for lunch this week.


And one more sugar snap pea plant picture…!

Kale as usual is no nonsense and just looks great.

Another plant that’s doing great are the collard greens.  Every week I say this, but every week they get bigger…. look at the size of these greens!

We’re eating lots of Vegetarian Collard Greens (just posted the recipe a few days ago!) this week too!


Here’s a size comparison shot that I promised last week.  This is a 3 gallon bucket next to the collard green plants.

Lots of lettuce heads picked and more waiting for me this weekend. Lettuce never quits.


We’re swimming in bok choy.  I think next year we won’t grow over 90 plants.  Hahaha.  Or maybe we will.  I don’t know, I can just tell you we picked so much bok choy last weekend I had to carry it it home in a trash bag because we didn’t have anything big enough to hold it.


What else is growing?

The onions look great. Matthew is in onion heaven with these!

I see baby broccoli heads.. do you?! So excited!

And get this.  Do you see this giant pumpkin plant below? It’s a big surprise.  Somehow when we composted pumpkins in the Spring, a seed must have stuck to our shoes and made it’s way into a garden bed.  This giant pumpkin plant now set up shop there.  It’s massive and going to grow larger.  We’re just going to let it do it’s thing and climb over it because you can never say no to a pumpkin plant!

What else is happening?

I know I haven’t posted any “final” garden pictures yet and that’s because it’s not 100% done and I want you to love it! It still has to be painted completely and little odds and ends…. soon!  But I will tease you with these new rocks we put down!

And lastly, I found a snake skin in the garden which means I’m never going back there again. 🙁


Until next week… happy gardening!
Make sure to talk garden in the comments! Let me know what you’re picking!


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