Happy Birthday Sway!

Happy Birthday Sway!

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Sway Group. I really love Sway so I want to celebrate!   All opinions are my own.

This week is all about happiness so far! First, the Cavs win the NBA finals (I’m still celebrating!) and now I’m wishing the wonderful ladies at Sway a happy 5th birthday!

I know you’re asking who is Sway?  If you’re a blogger you might know these great ladies already, but if you aren’t a blogger, let me introduce you because they are a important factor in how I keep Brooklyn Farm Girl running and sharing information.  

Sway group, powered by SITS Girls, is a network that connects brands with influencers.  To put it into simpler words,  they pair bloggers with companies that are looking to promote their products.   I work with a few different networks and I can honestly say they are one of the best to work with due to their prompts always feeling organic and like a perfect match.   When they ask me to team up with a project, it seems like a match made in blogging heaven. They know the content of my blog, they know what I like to share,  they know the clients goals, and somehow it always works out to be a fun painless blog post.   Because of the collaborations we’ve worked on together, they’ve offered me opportunities to share great products with you (I only ever promote products that I actually use and love) while helping keep Brooklyn Farm Girl up and running (it costs money!).  Unlike some advertising posts where I feel like I don’t get to be me and am reading a script like a robot (note: I finally made a note to stop doing those! Heart is most important!) Sway lets me just be me, organically adding the product into a post I would have done even if we weren’t working together.   I can be silly, I can post endless photos of my cats in the post (and I do), I can tell bad jokes (and I do), etc, it’s all ok with them.   Their goal is to empower me as a influencer and a woman.   Also,  they are super kind, supportive of the blogging Community and sometimes they send me candy in the mail (I’m serious).  So from all the wonderful ladies who are making content to share with their readers I want to give Sway a giant big hug and wish them a happy 5th birthday! <3

To celebrate, I want to share you with my top favorite posts I’ve created with Sway Group.  If you get the time, I hope you go back and read some of these posts to know that I enjoyed writing and creating each one!

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