Roast Pork and Mashed Potatoes

Roast Pork and Mashed Potatoes

In just 45 minutes Roast Pork & Mashed Potatoes with Molasses-Stewed Collard Greens will be ready enjoy. Your family will love this classic comforting meal!

This meal reminds me of my childhood on a Sunday.  Sunday dinners were always the most comforting since Mom or Dad had time to relax and take their time in the kitchen.  One of the most popular Sunday meals were pork, mashed potatoes and a vegetable side – my brother loved this!  Now fast forward 25 years and I still love making a classic dish for my family to enjoy.   I made this for Matthew a few days ago and he fell in love with it!

Do you guys know about Blue Apron? If you live in a city you might have seen the blue boxes being delivered to your neighbors.   Blue Apron is a home delivery food service who’s mission is to make incredible home cooking accessible to everyone.   All you do is sign up for the service, tell them how many meals you want a week, tell them any preferences (vegetarian for example) and then your high quality ingredients will be shipped to you, along with a recipe card for you to create at home.  I love this service and I love reading their Facebook page with so many fans saying how now they make home cooked meals during the week instead of take out.  If you want to try Blue Apron, here’s a coupon for $20 off. 

In just 45 minutes Roast Pork & Mashed Potatoes with Molasses-Stewed Collard Greens will be ready enjoy. Your family will love this classic comforting meal!

Blue Apron approaches most recipes as if you don’t have anything in your kitchen.  They send you all the main ingredients, as well as knick-knack ingredients such as molasses, sugar, butter, seasonings, etc.    For this Roasted Pork recipe, you can see below they sent me every single ingredient.  Also I want to praise how beautiful the Collards were and how fresh all the produce was too.  

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