Sunday Snuggles With My Crew

It was a lazy Sunday and I was at home alone.  I had work to catch up, emails to write back, and a recipe to make but somehow I couldn’t stop watching Big Love on HBO Go.   Also I couldn’t psychically get up because I was surrounded by my crew, you know, the furry cuddly ones.

Yup, my best buddy cat crew: Brother Bear, Goblin, FiFi Bofinkles, Toes and Xanadu

Xanadu is the Queen of the house. She lets everyone know by crawling onto my lap, glaring at anyone who looks at her and swiping a paw at them if they try to take her place.

Queens deserve good chin rubs.

Toes is next to Xanadu waiting for her spot on the lap. (Notice that Goblin is trying to give Brother a back massage).

Toes had a energetic Sunday afternoon with her catnip banana.

And it wouldn’t be a cat crew post without Prince Goblin who was resting on FiFi Bofinkles pillow for the afternoon.

Brother fell asleep on the couch and as soon as Goblin saw him sleeping, he raced over, dug his head into his fur and went to sleep himself.  King Brother, Prince Goblin… nighty night.

Hope you all had a great weekend…!


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