2015 Garden Yield Amounts

Look at how many pounds of vegetables we grew in our NYC rooftop garden!

I know, I know. It’s May 13th and I’m finally getting around to posting our 2015 garden yield totals.  Sorry for how long it’s taken, but better than never, right?!

Drum roll please….!

In 2015 we grew…

458 pounds of vegetables!

Woah! Double woah! High 5!



See the full break down behind the cut.

Broccoli 31 1
Cantaloupe 178 11
Carrots 93 5
Cauliflower 2 0
Collards 64 4
Cucumbers 83 5
Bush Beans 303 18
Pole Beans 211 13
Kale 17 1
Lettuce 89 5
Onions 127 7
Bok Choy 122 7
Peppers (Bell) 245 15
Peppers (Jalapeno) 260 16
Pumpkin (Pie) 0 0
Radishes 43 2
Soy Beans 78 4
Sugar Snap Peas 161 10
Tomatillos 252 15
Tomatoes (Beef) 613 38
Tomatoes (Cherry) 722 45
Tomatoes (Roma) 2741 171
Watermelon 894 55


20851793875_28192f6cee_k (1)


Compare here to 2014 to see the jump in weight!

These are only Spring and Summer totals.  We didn’t plant anything in the Fall last year due to the Upstate project, so I’d say 458 pounds in 2 seasons is pretty great!

Broccoli and Cauliflower were a bust last Spring.  We only were able to harvest a little bit before it started to flower due to the hot temperatures we experienced early on.

We didn’t grow pumpkins, that’s why it’s 0 pounds.   Don’t worry though, we are growing pumpkins this year (lots of them!).

Beans were really successful and this year we’ll be growing even more dry beans.
We Grew Black and Yellow Beans!_8

Tomatoes, as usual, rule the garden (and our freezer).


Not bad for a a garden on a rooftop!

Have a good weekend everyone!


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  • Amazing. Seriously. You know, when I lived in Queens I never dreamed of growing veggies on my rooftop, but I should have! I didn’t keep track of what I harvested from my veggie garden last year, but I know it took me forever to process it all! I’m doing more dried beans this year also, by the way. Can’t wait! By the way, do you know we are getting a frost up here this Sunday and Monday? Be careful what you are planting on your upstate land….should be good to go after Monday night, though. Uggghhh, I thought we were done with frosts for the season!

  • WOW…is right. I was just talking about your rooftop garden with my husband at breakfast this morning. I can’t wait to let him know what your harvest was. He was telling that upstate NY was going to be very cold this weekend. I’m glad you have row covers on your new plantings.

  • All of your vegetables look beautiful! Growing your own veggies is a great idea. It helps you save money and can also be a fun project! It looks like you did a great job! Thanks for sharing!

  • Wow..458 pounds of a rooftop in NYC. That is unheard of. Congratulation on the numbers and you are making me feel very lazy as a gardener lol. I am going to start trying to grow my own vegetables from now on. If you can do it on a rooftop then I should definitely be able to do it too. Thanks for the inspiration

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