How Can Cute Cats Be So Stinky Sometimes? Investigative Reporting!

How Can Cute Cats Be So Stinky Sometimes? Investigative Reporting!

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I hope my cats don’t read this and think I’m disrespecting them. Cause I’m not. It’s just a question I often wonder…. How can my beautiful angelic little furry cats be so stinky sometimes?  Happy I'm home from work! #brother #mainecoon #blackcat #love #catlady

If you have cats you probably know the situation.   Everything will be perfect at home.   It’s a great day.   You’re on your computer winding down, a cup of tea in one hand, when suddenly the smell hits.  You glance around the room.  Then you hear it. Scratches in the little box.  Scuffle of paws on the ground.  Then you see a cat burst out of the litter box, throwing litter everywhere.  They run away, leaving you in the now stinky area of the house.    Suddenly all the cats are now teamed up, glancing at you, making it feel like you caused the smell.  

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