The Best Cat Bed Ever (Seriously) – ComfyCat Cat Cave

Let’s just get to the point.  This is the best cat bed/cat cave ever. Seriously.  I don’t usually proclaim things “the best” but we’ve never had a cat bed that’s performed this well with all of our cats.  Every single one immediately went to sleep in this bed, as well as lounged and wrestled for it.  We only have one bed, and I think I need 3 now because there’s a waiting line outside of it.  I feel like one cat will stay in there for as long as they can until they either have to eat, or another cat tries to be brave and fight them for it.  

Cat Geeks Cat Cave_4

Cat Geeks Cat Cave_3

I wanted to share this bed with you, because if you have a cat you love, you’ve probably bought them a bed or a toy that you thought was going to be a hit but instead was a failure.  I remember for Christmas one year I surprised Essy with a tunnel that I thought I would get the World’s Best Cat Mom award from her, but after I unwrapped it in front of her, she just stared at it.  She went into it once.  And that once I’m pretty sure was just for a photo op because she felt bad for me.  And then there’s the toys.  You’re in the pet store and there’s that zebra rattle toy that guarantees your cats will play for it for hours and it will raise their intelligence.  It’s like Baby Einstein for Cats! You get it because you’re a great parent who wants to educate your cats.  Your cats hate it.  Instead they play with the cardboard packaging it came in.

The same goes for beds.  We have more beds then I can count in our house. We have more beds than cats, let’s just say that.  But yet, the only ones that get used is this new cat bed and a heated cabin that Brother doesn’t let anyone else use.  I’ve never seen cats react more lovingly towards a bed.  They honestly look comfy.  They look happy.  Happy cats equals a happy home.   So yeah, best cat bed ever.

Toes loves this bed almost more than food.
Cat Geeks Cat Cave_8

When we opened the bed up there was 3 different cats in it within 15 minutes.  They were all in love. Plus I was a smiling Mom.
Cat Geeks Cat Cave

Xanadu is a Siamese, which means she thinks she is Queen.  She “asked” Toes to get out.Cat Geeks Cat Cave_1

Cat Geeks Cat Cave_2

Eventually Goblin got his time in the bed.Cat Geeks Cat Cave_12

And I probably shouldn’t just call it a cat bed, because technically it’s name is ComfyCat Cave.  It’s a cave they can crawl into (our cats all love this) but you can also push down the top and then make it into a bed with no roof (again, total hit with the cats).  Sometimes a cat will be in the cave and then another cat (usually Goblin or Toes) will jump on top of the cave, squashing the cat inside, making the cat run out of it, and then Goblin or Toes will lie down on the now bed.  They love it.

Brother Bear loves it. He will wrestle anyone for it.  He will also win 100% of the time.
Cat Geeks Cat Cave_9

(This is a photo from their website.  This is not Brother  Bear.  It’s a Brother Bear impersonator apparently).

Goblin and his tail very much enjoy this. From 8PM-11PM Goblin will dive into this at full speed approximately 16 times.
Cat Geeks Cat Cave_6

Cat Geeks Cat Cave_11

The ComfyCat Cave from CatGeeks is made from  100% New Zealand Merino Sheep’s wool that is world-renowned for its softness.  We’ve had a fair amount of Wrestlemania sessions on this and I can tell you that it holds up with no ripes, holes or damage done. The wool is highly resistant to dirt, although cat hair will get attached to it, especially if you have super furry cats (hey Goblin).  It’s natural insulating so it keeps them warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer. The cave is big too.  It can fit a cat up to 20 pounds, or multiple cats if your cats like to share.  We have 2 Maine Coon cats and there’s plenty of extra room inside for them.

Cat Geeks Cat Cave_7

Side note: As I’m writing this Toes just went to eat her dinner and immediately FiFi Bofinkles stepped into the bed.  By the end of the night, every single cat will have sat in there. It’s that popular.

Back to the story.

The bed is more on the slight pricey side of beds, but I wouldn’t lie to other cat parents that this is a game changer when it comes to cat beds.  Your cats will love it, and it will last for years.  Plus if you don’t really love those leopard printed or hot pink Princess style cat beds, this is actually stylish and will fit into a modern decor home.  It’s always hard to find to cat beds that actually look nice and modern.  Friends have already complimented how sleek it is.    If you’re interested, you can find it on Amazon.

Cat Geeks Cat Cave_10

Hope you guys enjoyed this review as much as our cats enjoy the ComfyCat Cave.  I only share cat products that we really love so I was excited to share this one with you!  If you decide to get one, I’d love for you to snap a photo of your cat child in it for  me!

Cat Geeks Cat Cave_5

Pamela and Xanadu and FiFi Bofinkles and Brother Bear and Goblin and Toes




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