Vegetable Farm Omelette

I might have declared on social media yesterday that this omelette changed my life.  I might have texted a few friends who thought they were heading into a serious conversation with me but instead I just declared my love for a omelette that’s packed full of veggies.   This omelette is a winner.  

I call this recipe “Vegetable Farm Omelette” because you can throw into it as man veggies as you can fit.  The omelette can be tweaked depending on the season.   It needs to become best friends with your garden or farmer’s market.   I threw broccoli, tomatoes and peppers in mine because those are my favorites (and what’s always in my fridge).  I think this combo of veggies are a winner, but feel free to add in onions or carrots or chopped up spinach or kale to make your omelette more “you”.

Perfect Vegetable Farm Omelette

There’s a few keys to a perfect omelette.  You need a good egg recipe.  You need to have the right size pan.  You need to know when’s the exact time to flip one side over.    I’m here to help you with all of this.

Ready to make a life changing Vegetable Farm Omelette?  Let’s go!

First, cut up your veggies.  You want to cut them pretty small.  If the vegetables are too big your omelette might fall apart and we don’t want that. This is about a tablespoon of tomatoes, green pepper and a handful of broccoli.  If some of it doesn’t fit, that’s ok, you can just throw it on the omelette when you serve it.
Perfect Vegetable Farm Omelette

For each omelette you’ll need 2 eggs. Here’s the super important part. Pan size!  I am using a 8 inch pan which I feel is just right for a omelette that we’ll be filling.   The 8 inches give the 2 eggs just the right amount of room to build a not too thick, not too thin omelette.  If you use a larger pan and start to throw veggies in it, there’s a high chance your omelette will break when you flip over the one size. 
Perfect Vegetable Farm Omelette

The egg mixture is good.  Trust me. This comes from my tried and trusted scrambled egg recipe.  Once you find the perfect recipe you don’t mess with it.  It’s eggs, a little milk, salt and a dash of pepper.  Easy. 
Perfect Vegetable Farm Omelette

Now the important step by step directions.
1 – Throw a little butter in your pan over medium high heat. I set my burner to a 6-7 if yours has those numbers.
2- Once the butter is melted and you can see it’s sizzling, add your egg mixture.  Now it’s time to be patient.  Look carefully at the edges of the eggs.  Are they starting to thicken up?  How about the middle?  Does it still look wet? If so, give it more time.  You pretty much don’t want to see that egg mixture wet anymore, so wait a few minutes.   On average I’d say mine takes 4-5 minutes.
3-Add a sprinkle of cheese to one side of the omelette.
4-Add your vegetables and another small sprinkle of cheese on top to one side of the omelette.
Vegetable Farm Omelette How To

Now grab your spatula.  This is super important as it’s time to flip one side.  This is make or break.  Push your spatula gently underneath.  If it comes up clean and the omelette seems that it won’t fall apart, then flip the one side over to the other, on top of your vegetables.  If the eggs still seems runny or you start to flip it and a hole appears, remain calm and give it a few more minutes.  This is all about patience and waiting until the time is right.
Vegetable Farm Omelette_7

And when the time is right, flip it over, hold your spatula on the top, pushing down gently and keep on the burner for one more minute.  Be sure to admire how nicely browned your omelette is!
Perfect Vegetable Farm Omelette

Oh goodness gracious, isn’t she lovely?
Perfect Vegetable Farm Omelette

Perfect Vegetable Farm Omelette

Perfect Vegetable Farm Omelette

Omelettes are the perfect Saturday breakfast food for us.  Even though they don’t take that long to make, on slow weekend mornings we aren’t in any rush in the kitchen.  We can make the perfect omelette, pour a great cup of tea and just sit there without worrying we’re going to be late for anything.
Perfect Vegetable Farm Omelette

Tea talk time!  What tea is best with this omelette?

I’m happy to see my old school favorite tea Lipton back with new black, green and herbal variety teas to have alongside my omelette.  My go to breakfast tea is Lipton Pure Green Tea that has a light, fresh taste along with a delightful aroma that goes perfect with all these vegetables.  For something more savory I pair the omelette with Amazingly Grey, a bold black tea with a delicious aroma and unique flavor.   Lipton has come out with such fun new flavors such as  Enticing Chai, Orange Passionfruit Jasmine and Peach Mango which would he the perfect partner with your omelette!  You can check out all the new bold flavors here.

Perfect Vegetable Farm Omelette

Perfect Vegetable Farm Omelette

So grab your tea, check.
Perfect Vegetable Farm Omelette

And grab your omelette, check.
Perfect Vegetable Farm Omelette

And enjoy breakfast!

Vegetable Farm Omelette
  1. 2 eggs
  2. 2 teaspoons of milk
  3. 1/4 teaspoon salt
  4. dash of pepper
  5. tablespoon chopped tomatoes
  6. tablespoon chopped green peppers
  7. small handful of broccoli florets (finely chopped)
  8. sprinkle of shredded cheddar cheese
  9. 1/2 tablespoon butter
  1. Mix your eggs, milk, salt and pepper in a small bowl with a whisk or fork.
  2. Add butter in a small pan (I recommend 8 inch pan) over medium high heat.
  3. Once butter is melted and sizzling, add your egg mixture.
  4. Continue to heat for a few minutes until egg mixture is no longer runny, but now firm. This usually takes 4-5 minutes.
  5. Sprinkle a little bit of cheddar cheese on one side of the omelette. Add in your vegetables. Top with another sprinkle of cheese.
  6. Once no longer runny, carefully use a spatula to fold up omelette, so that one side goes on top of your vegetables.
  7. Using the spatula, gently press down omelette and continue to cook for 1 more minute.
  8. Serve warm, enjoy!
  1. Servings: 1
Brooklyn Farm Girl
Perfect Vegetable Farm Omelette

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