Quick Visit to the Land – Setting up Cameras, Getting Ready for the Fence!

Hope you had a great weekend!  What did you do?
We spent Saturday in the studio working but on Sunday we decided to make a quick day trip to the land to check in on things as it’s been a month since our  last visit.     We wanted to drop some things off to get ready for building!

First, a quick update on Mister Christmas Tree!  We planted him a month ago and I’ve been worried sick about him.  So far he looks good! I don’t think we’ll know until Spring if he’s in the clear, but for now he looks great.  We gave him a great big hug.
On The Land Feb 7 2016_18

I got a bunch of cameras to set up on the land so I can check out the wildlife when I’m not there.   For some reason the deer and bunnies don’t stop and visit me when I’m there.  It really breaks my heart.   The cameras are Trace and Wingscapes  (which are built on Moultrie technology).   I have 2 cameras that are motion activated (wildlife and security) and one camera that will be doing a time lapse on the land.  I can’t wait to use the time lapse camera for the garden once it’s up and running.   I’ll be checking the cameras every time I visit so hope for some exciting animal photos!  Expect full posts on the cameras once I have some photos!
On The Land Feb 7 2016

This is the Trace camera that detects motion and will shoot a picture. I have this set up mostly for security but I’m willing to invite any deer nearby too!
On The Land Feb 7 2016_5

This is the Wingscapes time lapse camera that I have pointed in the direction to take in the entire property.  This will be fun to view overtime as things get built.  I’m going to start using these for specific projects in the Spring once the garden is running. How fun would a time lapse be of all the vegetables growing?
On The Land Feb 7 2016_10

And here’s another motion activated camera in the middle of the property. I found some goodies that deer left around here (if you know what i mean) so I hope I found their hang out area.
On The Land Feb 7 2016_13

The funnest part is testing the cameras to make sure they are pointing where I want them to.  For some reason I always pose like a bunny.  Something comes over me! 
On The Land Feb 7 2016_18

The garden fence is going to be started on this month!  This is so very exciting as it’s really going to get things up and running once it’s built.  Matthew will be going up to the land with some friends to build it.  It’s probably going to be a multiple weekend process.  We’ve gone back and forth about what type of fence we need.  We know it needs to be high (deer) and we know it needs to also protect from critters.    Originally we were going to do a complete wire mesh fence,  but surprisingly it’s really hard to find a roll of wire fencing that’s 8 feet tall.  We could double it up, but the math didn’t end up in our favor and we’d be wasting quite a bit because we have to buy multiple long rolls.  (Note: fencing is not cheap!)  It looks like what we’ll be doing is building a 4 foot wire fence at the bottom and then we’ll be putting boards across in a pattern up top.    This will all be a experiment but we have to start somewhere.  I’ll have a full DIY fencing post up once it’s done!

Still confused trying to visualize the fence? Ok.

Look at where  Matthew is holding the wood.  Below it is going to be a wire fence.
On The Land Feb 7 2016_17

This fencing material here:
Fence Material

And then boards will be put across up top to give it extra height security (deer!).
On The Land Feb 7 2016_18

On The Land Feb 7 2016_19

Hope that makes sense!

And some parting photos…
We ate our first pizza on the land! This is a very important first.
First pizza on the land.

And check out that view. Maybe one day I’ll be drinking a cup of tea while in my pajamas looking at that.
View from the land today. One day I'll be having my morning tea out here. ? #pandmupstateadventure #catskills #newyork #landscape #view

To follow along with the entire Upstate Adventure, click here.


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  • Wow – I’ve been so out-of-touch that I didn’t even know about The Land. I’m so happy and excited for you guys – and I’m looking forward to ‘coming along for the ride’ (to use an old phrase) as you two cuties begin this new adventure.
    We had deer when we owned the farm in Quebec they used to ‘munch’ the living ‘you know what’ out of our young apple trees – but woodchucks left my gardens alone ’cause they had about a mile of fields to munch in. And those little buggers tend to take just a single bite out of something… and then move on. Same with raccoons… (And now, here in the suburbs of Western Massachusetts, I have bears!!!!)
    Its such a great idea to have build fence for the deer but here’s a tip I learned not long ago. At the top of the fencing wire, turn it outward… which makes it impossible for climbing animals such as raccoons to get inside. And, at the bottom of the fencing wire, place the wire down a ways (you can probably find out how deep by searching online) and again bend the wire towards the outside. In this way, digging animals can’t get in. If you don’t put the wire deep enough, they’ll still get in. (I think an expert told me to put it 6″ down, and then bend it.
    All that bending sounds like a big pain… maybe you’ll just have to do it on the bottom of the wire.
    Found this link for you… it says to dig down a foot…. ; o (

    • Thanks for that tip Cecile! We’ll be digging under the soil to continue to put the fence down, plus our soil is very rocky so those animals will have a heck of a time to get through there! I’m going to investigate bending the wire to keep the climbing criminals out, that’s a good idea! It’s going to be a adventure of ups and downs in the beginning because if a critter really wants to get into the garden to eat the broccoli I guess they’ll do what they have to do, so I expect a few heart breaks… but hopefully they will be limited! Fingers crossed.

  • This looks really awesome.? We have a big fenced garden, a total must with the amount of deer rabbit etc in the area. Good luck with your project. Are you guys doing raised beds? We actually had to use 4×4 for the posts to support it and the fence.

    • Nice seeing you! Right now we don’t plan on doing raised beds. Quite a change from the last few years of doing 100% containers!

  • I used those Wingscapes cameras for my PhD research! I’ve got about 25 of them, though I see the technology has improved quite a bit since then!

  • Very cool to see this in progress! Thanks for sharing. Man, those pesky deer- I went to Spannocchia farm in Italy to take a slow food cooking class, and learned they can jump over me! I think you’ll enjoy that post since it’s about organic gardens. It’s on my blog on the homepage 🙂 🙂 glad we connected!

  • I love the idea of the cameras. For security of course, you will know if anyone is trespassing. But, I am an animal lover at heart – that would be amazing to see all of the critters! Good luck with the garden, hope all goes well. Thanks for sharing!

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