P+M Upstate Adventure: Planting Our Christmas Tree!

P+M Upstate Adventure: Planting Our Christmas Tree!

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This year when it was Christmas tree time we decided that we were going to start a new tradition.  We would find a live tree, keep it for Christmas and then plant it on our land.  Our hope is that we repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat (…) for a long time so that we eventually have a family of trees on the land that are both beautiful and hold special memories.  

After I called multiple farms and struck out, I found a nursery in Long Island that sold live Colorado Blue Spruce trees with the ball still attached.  So we drove out there, picked a favorite and loaded him into the car!  Our little car by the way has carried alot in it’s short life so far. 
Good guys. We got a pretty little Blue Spruce Christmas tree with the root ball still attached so we can plant it on our land afterwards. Imagine in the years to come how many of our own holiday trees we can have there! ?:christmas_tree
(You can see the container we bought off to the right too. This will be used every year to keep the tree in.)

There he stayed for a few weeks while we dressed him up and cats slept nearby.
Christmas 2015_16

A few days after Christmas we started to plan to take him (it’s a boy) to the land but the temperature difference between inside and outside Upstate NY would be a big shock so we had to harden him off (just like seedlings).  We wrapped him up and took him to the stairwell of the roof to start getting used to the chill.  He stayed there for 5 days before moving him to his final destination.

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