What I Love: Cookies & Cream Popcorn!

What I Love: Cookies & Cream Popcorn!

In the What I LOVE series, I’m sharing current things that I love.  Maybe it’s a new restaurant, maybe it’s a new cookie, maybe it’s a new cat toy, maybe it’s… anything!

Remember Savage Garden? Remember their lyrics:

I want to stand with you on a mountain. / I want to bathe with you in the sea. / I want to lay like this forever. / Until the sky falls down on me

Yeah, well that’s how I feel about all the popcorn from Pop Works & Company right now, especially the Cookies & Cream.   It’s really good and I mean reaaaaaaaaaaaalllly good.  It’s so good we’re basically tackling each other to get the few pieces left in the bag.  There’s side eyes being shot at one another when someone says they finished the bag without you knowing it.  This popcorn is popped just right and seasoned with all the sweetness you need.    

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