How to Make Customize Gifts for Cat Lovers!

How to Make Customize Gifts for Cat Lovers!

We try to make as many things as we can.  Matthew is a handy man so that means our dinner table, bed, living room tables and more were all made by him.  On our walls are photos we’ve made or illustrations we’ve commissioned artists to do.   Even my favorite sweatshirt has sweet Goblin’s face on it.

Goblin Sweatshirt

When it comes to the holidays for gifts and decor I’m all about customizing as much as I can.  I hand stamp the wrapping paper.  I made the gift tags. For our greeting cards, we always like to personalize them as much as we can to make them stand out and cause the recipient a smile.

For this year’s cards I decided to try to dress Goblin and Xanadu up… and you can see it went great.  So instead of scrapping the idea, why not use the failed photos for a laugh?
Custom Printed Christmas Gifts_1
Custom Printed Christmas Gifts_4

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