Meet Wobbert, My Cats Favorite Toy

Meet Wobbert, My Cats Favorite Toy

Wobbert brings all the boys to the yard.. and the girls… and the yard is my house.. and Wobbert has treats in his belly.. and this isn’t exactly a Kelis song but the beginning of this post was too good for me to pass up. La la-la la la.

You guys, Wobbert.  Life is all about Wobbert right now.

Remember when Tickle Me Elmo was huge and your parents stood in line for 8 hours for you so you didn’t cry on Christmas morning? I feel like if your cats find out about Wobbert, it’s going to be like that. This is honestly one of our cats favorite toys ever. How much does Toes, FiFi Bofinkles, Goblin, Brother and Xanadu love him?  I made a video so you can see.

Here were the first impressions:
Toes – a master at food in general.  Took her only a few minutes and she was throwing it down and eating up those treats.
Bofinkles – thought she could headbutt Wobbert down but eventually she got it.  She really likes eating the ears.
Goblin – rather confused by this all, didn’t really like anyone watching him,  but gave it a try. Brother, Xanadu – they were sleepy, so they were upset that Mom was dragging them out of their bed to try Wobbert.

After first impressions though it was all love. 

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