Garden Update: What’s Growing in November?

Remember when I said a few weeks ago it was going to frost shortly? Well it didn’t.  I’m kicking myself for picking all those green tomatoes but it’s better safe than to be sorry. After all, they are turning red in their shoe boxes beautifully.   So with yesterday almost reaching 80 degrees and the previous weekend requiring a Winter hat, it’s a little confusing.   I assume this is how the garden feels too, confused. Should I grow? Should I not grow?  Should I call for Mom to harvest me? Should I keep Mom away from us because she keeps doing weird dance moves?  

With a basket in hand I made it to the garden this week to pick some final vegetables of the season. The plants are winding down and I really believe this is it (minus the kale).  I picked a nice selection of green beans, peppers (bells and jalapenos), soybeans that I’ll be picking out their pods forever (anyone want to help?), tomatillos and the final red tomatoes.

This weekend we’ll start working on a new garden project that’s exciting but you’ll have to wait to hear more about it this month.  I can’t wait to get to work on it so I can share it with you!

For now though… let’s look at what I picked!

A nice selection of veggies..
End of Season Harvest

Green beans for days.  I’ve been freezing them so it looks like we have alot of green bean soup ahead of us for the Winter.
End of Season Harvest_1

End of Season Harvest_3

They’re pretty giant too.
End of Season Harvest_2

I’ve had multiple baskets filled with soybeans that I’ve been taking out of the pods for the last month.   It’s taking me forever. It’s my goal to get them all out of their pods by the end of November. 
End of Season Harvest_4

Plenty of peppers! I’ll be making a batch of Candied Jalapenos Peppers next week because I just ran out! 🙁
End of Season Harvest_5

End of Season Harvest_7

End of Season Harvest_6

And the final red tomatoes… a variety of beefs (they split with the confusing weather), roma and cherry tomatoes.
End of Season Harvest_8

End of Season Harvest_9

Have a good weekend everyone!  Hope it’s filled with nice weather and some end of the season veggies for you.



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